Strong Performances Keep This Predictable Film Alive

By Liselotte Vanophem

As a parent, you will always be there for your children. You support them through thick and thin in the hope to give them a life full of happiness, love and much more. But what if your daughter has severe schizophrenia? How do you deal with that? Do you support her, knowing that what she says might not be true at all or do you doubt her and try to make sense of it but which may lead to a troubled parent-daughter relationship? You get to know the answer in “Fear of Rain”, the psychological thriller by…

AKA Connected

By Mark

Are your eyeballs feeling left out during lockdown? Are they in need of some vivid colours, ever changing imagery and animated trinkets added to an already overly colourful movie? Then The Mitchells Vs The Machines is just what you need.

Written and directed by Michael Rianda (“Work (Short)”, “Everybody Dies In 90 Seconds (Short)”) and Jeff Rowe (“Gravity Falls (TV)”, “Disenchantment (TV)”) and produced by the people behind The Lego Movie, The Mitchells Vs The Machines is an assault on your eyeballs.

It’s a frenetic movie, brought to you by Sony’s recent collab. with Netflix, that is animated…

Med-Evil Times

By Curt Wiser

England, 1665, the year of “The Great Plague.” A time when these mass deaths and Pestilence were being blamed on witchcraft. The Reckoning is a Thriller centered around this dark chapter of history. Charlotte Kirk (“Ocean’s Eight”) plays Grace Haverstock, a mother to an infant daughter who becomes the victim of violent interrogation when she is accused of being a witch.

The story is reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials and how personal politics and mob mentality led to deadly persecution and all the fear that came with it. The Reckoning is an iron clad revenge story…

Aubrey Plaza In Her Darkest And Most Riveting Role Yet

By Liselotte Vanophem

You might have seen her as the incredible straightforward April Ludgate in “Parks and Recreation” or as the crazy Ingrid Thorburn in “ Ingrid Goes West “ or you might remember Aubrey Plaza for her spot-on opening monologue at the 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards. If you adore her for her death serious, and punchy dark style, then you will fall in love with her career-high performance in “Black Bear” by writer/director Lawrence Michael Levine (“Wild Canaries”, “Gabi on the Roof in July”). …

Lacks Originality And Direction, But It Still Beautifully Made

By Liselotte Vanophem

A movie about a group of people who don’t fit into society and who just discovered their new superpowers. Superpowers which they can use to control and influence others after extensive training.

Does this sound vaguely (or maybe not so vaguely) familiar to you? It’s no surprise as this storyline is present in big franchises such as The Kingsmen, Matrix and X-Men. Now, co-writer/director Martin Grof (“Excursion”) uses it for his latest movie, “Sensation”. While this film certainly lacks originality and feels restless during many moments, it still beautifully made with a limited budget.

Meet Andrew (Eugene…

Familiar But Funny

By Mark

So, why Netflix are releasing films on a Wednesday in the UK now is anyone’s guess, but they are and so here we are with Love And Monsters.

The movie sees Joel, Dylan O’Brien (“Teen Wolf (TV)”, “The Maze Runner”), living in a world whereby plenty of the animals and insects have mutated into giant, human eating versions of themselves.

What’s left of the population, around five percent, live in colonies and in Joel’s he’s the, well, he’s the cook and cleaner. He freezes whenever he’s faced with danger, not a good situation.

Joel talks to his former…

Not As Original Or Gangster-y As It Could Have Been

By Liselotte Vanophem

When you’re looking for a good gangster film or thrilling movie, then “Original Gangster” sounds highly intriguing. You might get the British version of “The Godfather” or a modern take on “Goodfellas”, which would probably be successful. Sadly, this latest film from writer/director Savvas D. Michael (“Red Devil”, “Smoking Guns”) doesn’t fully live up to its name and potential.

“Original Gangster” opens with gunfire, the in blood-covered young boy Castor (Badger Skelton) and his murdered parents. Tied to a chair, Castor counts down his last seconds when hitman Milo (Ian Reddington) points the gun at him. Then…

Rahim And Foster Excel In This Untold But Important Story

By Liselotte Vanophem

“Do you remember where you were during 9/11?” Most of us still do. Whether it was at home, being at work or school, we will never forget it. It was a life-changing day for everyone and for America in general. The country started to hunt down and punish the terrorists responsible for the attack. During those investigations, every link to the 9/11 attacks was cause to imprison people, even without a fair trial.

Sadly, Mohamedou Ould Slahi was one of them as he was locked up in the U.S. military’s Guantanamo Bay without being charged with anything…

Disorder But No Disaster

By Liselotte Vanophem

‘Do you know what I think’ is probably one of the most asked questions there is. But what if you knew the answer to that question even before someone asked it. What if you could read everyone’s thoughts which would result in only ‘thoughtful’ conversations.

Well, that’s the idea behind director Doug Liman (“The Wall”, “Edge of Tomorrow”) his newest film, “Chaos Walking”. The movie, based on Patrick Ness’ novel “The Knife of Never Letting Go”, combined an award-winning work and many A-list stars, and while it becomes chaotic during some moments, it’s not a total disaster.

A Healthy Dose Of What We’ve Seen

By Mark

Adam Wingard, he of “ V/H/S “ and 2017’s “Death Note” brings two giants to the screen with Godzilla vs. Kong, for a healthy dose of bone-crunching action.

The short is this; Wingard does nothing wrong, Godzilla vs. Kong is very well directed, it takes a while for the two giants to meet, but from that point on it’s a non-stop, CGI-filled action fest, and it’s good.

It draws inspiration from a lot of what has gone before. Take a healthy dose of Guillermo del Toro’s 2013 Pacific Rim, some Jules Verne Journey to the Centre of the…

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