Attack Of The Unknown Review

When SWAT Meets Space

By Curt Wiser

You may have read my coverage of the Shockfest Film Festival 2020. One of the many highlights of that fest was the bold, unique feature Attack Of The Unknown. This Action Sci-Fi movie is about a SWAT team who is tasked with transporting a notorious crime boss, but this turns into a mission of survival once aliens invade the planet.

Just a few names among the stellar cast in this movie includes, Richard Grieco (“22 Jump Street”, “If Looks Could Kill”), Tara Reid (“Art Of The Dead”, “ Sharknado”), Jolene Andersen (“Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” (TV)) and Robert LaSardo (“ The Mule “, “CSI: Miami” (TV)).

Attack Of The Unknown provides a perfect balance of Action, Science Fiction thrills and even flourishes of Comedy. This is very hard to pull off, but the creative and production team clearly rose to the challenge. Brandon Slagle, the writer and director wove a narrative thread that is sure to entertain and engage genre fans. The tone was consistent and the ending was satisfying.

It must be noted that the aliens arrive soon enough and the action only builds from then on. By mixing practical and visual effects to create these sci-fi elements, this movie exceeds expectations. Attack Of The Unknown is a genre blending monster mash.

Michael Mahal and Sonny Mahal deserve a nod as Executive Producers of Attack Of The Unknown. They also have story credit on the movie. The Mahal brothers are the prolific producers of Art Of The Dead, Bus Party To Hell and other genre driven favorites.

It is worth noting that Attack Of The Unknown won several awards at Shockfest 2020, such as Best Feature and Richard Grieco took home an award for Best Actor. If you are looking for an escape this year (you are aren’t you?), give this movie a watch, it might surprise you. Attack Of The Unknown is available to rent or buy on Amazon and many other VOD platforms.

Originally published at on January 10, 2021.



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