Chucky — Episode 1, Death By Misadventure Review

Wanna Play?

By Mark

As reboots or whatever we’re calling them these days go, this is one I was not expecting. I remember the Chucky movies from back when I was in school, funny how these things come round again.

This time round Chucky, voiced by Brad Dourif who’s always done the Chucky voice, is in a yard sale in Hackensack when he’s spotted by Jake Wheeler, Zackary Arthur (“ Mom and Dad”, “ The 5th Wave “).

14-year old Jake buys this massive Chucky doll as he’s an artist and currently creating a weird, pretty freaky art piece made out of doll parts. He believes Chucky’s head will be perfect for the top.

Hackensack, for its part in all this, is going through a crime wave with murder up some 25%. They also have a famous murderer, Charles Lee Ray.

When Jake gets Chucky home he struggles to take him apart, we see him come alive, but Jake misses it. As he’s about to use a knife on Chucky, Jake’s dad, Luke, Devon Sawa (“Disturbing the Peace”, “The Fanatic”), arrives home.

Luke isn’t the biggest fan of his son and drinks heavily. He also has a rich brother Logan, also played by Sawa, who has a son Junior, Teo Briones (“Wind River”, “Ratched (TV)”), who appears everything Luke wishes Jake was.

After a visit from Logan and family, Jake’s dad gets drunk and smashes his sculpture, telling Jake there’ll be no more dolls! Jake finds Chucky under the bed, he appears to move a lot, and a chunk of what looks like Jake’s cat which has gone missing.

Oddly Jake decides to take the doll to school, I mean, sure, ok, and asks his science teacher to keep hold of it whilst he sells it. He winds up getting bullied by Lexy, Alyvia Alyn Lind (“Daybreak (TV)”, “Future Man (TV)”), who is Junior’s girlfriend.

The science teacher keeps Lexy back after class and then leaves her alone in the room with Chucky. But Chucky’s antics only scare her into dropping her phone and thinking everything is because she smoked a ton of weed before class. Chucky gets locked in a metal cabinet.

Jake decides to sell Chucky, particularly when he sees these ‘Good Guy Doll’s’ are worth quite a bit on eBay. He receives a mysterious phone call asking if the Doll is called Chucky, Jake is surprised but confirms it is, the voice tells him to be careful, watch for weird things happening and check the battery compartment.

Jake looks up violence associated with these dolls and finds the name Charles Lee Ray come up. When he looks into Chucky’s battery compartment and finds it empty, despite Chucky talking, he throws him in the bin outside.

Later, back at school, Jake has gone to see Devon Evans, Bjorgvin Arnarson (“The Seventh Day”, “Family Time (TV)”), a kid at school who he likes and who runs a true-crime podcast Jake listens to, play piano.

Whilst there, Lexy takes to the stage and tries to humiliate Jake. But then Chucky is sat behind Jake and whispers something in Jake’s ear. Jake takes to the stage with Chucky and puts on, what looks like, a ventriloquist act, using Lexy’s missing phone, ruining her.

However, he also swears quite a lot and Jake is suspended. When he gets home his dad isn’t happy and punches Jake, sends him to his room but keeps Chucky down stairs. Dad doesn’t make it through the night and Jake winds up with Logan and family.

There’s a lot going on here and some of it feels a bit forced plus I’m already gritting my teeth through the bullying which, on the one hand seems a bit weak for a 14-year old who brings a giant doll to school, and on the other I don’t particularly like to see in things these days as I don’t think it helps rid the world of it.

Anyway, apart from my own little foibles it’s actually good to see Chucky back on screen, even the small one, and there’s more than enough to keep you interested to see the next episode.

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