Chucky — Episode 3, I Liked To Be Hugged Review


Beware The Free Doll

By Mark

Jake Wheeler, Zackary Arthur (“ Mom and Dad”, “ The 5th Wave “), is still unsure if he’s a killer or not, but asks Chucky, voiced by Brad Dourif who’s always done the Chucky voice, how he became a killer, who was his first.

For that, we must go back to when Chucky was actually a Young Charles Lee Ray, David Kohlsmith (“ Shazam! “, “The Prodigy”), as he begins talking us through how you find your victim.

Detective Kim Evans, Rachelle Casseus (“Each His Own Devil”, “Hard Rock Medical (TV)”), meanwhile believes Jake isn’t letting on when he talks to her and so goes to see his teacher Miss Fairchild, Annie Briggs (“Stardust”, “Wharf Rats (TV)”).

However, Miss Fairchild isn’t up for speaking, not comfortable given what Jake has been through, regardless of Detective Evans saying death seems to follow Jake around. What she does do though, is invite Lexy Cross’s, Alyvia Alyn Lind (“Daybreak (TV)”, “Future Man (TV)”), parents and Jake’s guardians to the school to discuss Lexy’s bullying, she shows them the video of Lexy dressed as Jake’s dad.

We see Jake trying to muster up the courage to take revenge on Lexy. He follows her when she’s out for a run but it turns out to be a red herring. All the while, Chucky is guiding him, telling him the right time will arrive.

That time arrives sooner then he thinks when she turns up at his house and, at the request of Junior, Teo Briones (“Wind River”, “Ratched (TV)”), apologises to him. However, she’s really here because her sister Caroline, Carina Battrick (“Feel the Beat”, “Falling”), wants Chucky.

Straight off the bat Jake says no. But then Chucky says this is an opportunity, maybe they should give her exactly what she wants. Jake hands Chucky over, shortly before Lexy is throwing a party at her house because her parents are away for the weekend.

We also learn that Devon Evans, Bjorgvin Arnarson (“The Seventh Day”, “Family Time (TV)”), has secretly been recording his conversations with Jake. When Devon’s mom says he shouldn’t see Jake anymore, Devon reveals he doesn’t believe he could hurt anyone and wants to prove it.

At the house party, Chucky attempts to take care of Lexy, but she keeps evading him. Chucky thinks he’s got her but ends up stabbing someone else and then just decides to carry on anyway.

Afterwards he finally corners Lexy and, as the house begins to literally burn, can he carry out his kill attempt he’s been dying to do?

But, there’s a story to tell and we are back with a Young Charles Lee Ray as he’s woken by noises in his house. He creeps out of his room to find his father being stabbed to death. His mother grabs him and they hide and Charles completes his first killing.

A fun episode of Chucky, sure, we get the Hollywood moment, you know, killing minor characters is easy, major characters not so much, that Hollywood moment, but otherwise Chucky continues to be darkly fun with some nice performances.

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