Chucky — Episode 4, Just Let Go Review

Chucky Gets A Facelift

Jake Wheeler, Zackary Arthur (“Mom and Dad”, “The 5th Wave”), heads to the hospital after hearing the sirens, which is an odd choice and is obviously going to look suspicious, but there you go, he does it anyway.

Whilst there he bumps into Lexy Cross, Alyvia Alyn Lind (“Daybreak (TV)”, “Future Man (TV)”), who is still alive, of course. She tells him that Chucky, voiced by Brad Dourif who’s always done the Chucky voice, did it and he, for some reason, decides to tell he he knew Chucky was alive and that he’d sent him after her.

Naturally, she freaks, and runs to tell her parents Mayor Michelle Cross, Barbara Alyn Woods (“One Tree Hill (TV)”, “Port City”), and Nathan Cross, Michael Therriault (“Murdoch Mysteries (TV)”, “Cult of Chucky”), but Jake stops her, whose going to believe her?

Detective Kim Evans, Rachelle Casseus (“Each His Own Devil”, “Hard Rock Medical (TV)”), tells her son Devon Evans, Bjorgvin Arnarson (“The Seventh Day”, “Family Time (TV)”), that Oliver was stabbed to death at the party, he didn’t die in the fire as most people think. Devon tells Jake when he meets him in the hospital later.

The Mayor and Nathan have an argument with Jake’s guardians Logan, Devon Sawa (“Disturbing the Peace”, “The Fanatic”), and Bree, Lexa Doig (“Arrow (TV)”, “Continuum (TV)”), with Logan punching Nathan. Luckily Kim steps in and, to calm them down, tells them about Oliver and the homicide.

Meanwhile Lexy realises she is stuck with Jake if she doesn’t want to be killed by Chucky. She finds him in the hospital and they decide to head back to her house to see if they can find Chucky, make sure he’s dead.

Devon meanwhile begins looking into connections between Chucky and homicides online and finds an urban legend about Charles Lee Ray having transferred his soul into a Good Guy Doll. Later he bumps into Lexy and tells her what he’s found, she tells him it’s true but he’s sceptical.

At Lexy’s house, Jake and Lexy argue about which of them is the bad guy and Lexy falls backwards through the banisters of the burnt staircase. She’s left hanging over the stairway, clinging to Jake’s hand, when a half-melted Chucky appears from the shadows holding a knife.

Chucky tries to talk Jake into just letting go, telling him this is the perfect opportunity to man up. But Jake can’t, he tells Chucky no and begins pulling Lexy up to safety as Chucky tries to stab her from below. Before he can, another cop arrives, sent by Nathan to find Chucky for Caroline, he picks him up and takes them all back to the hospital.

Kim grabs Jake as he’s entering the hospital with Lexy and takes him to a room to question him. She says he doesn’t have an alibi and also asks about his doll, which is weird for a cop to do but ok. Before Jake can give any sort of answer Chucky intervenes again.

He pulls the plug on Caroline’s machines and everyone rushes to her room. The nurses finally find the cop who brought Chucky to the hospital, dead, and with Jake, Lexy and Devon looking on, Chucky gives them the finger.

This feels the weakest episode thus far in the series. I guess we are in a world where a doll is alive and murdering people so perhaps suspending some further belief that a cop would ask about it and people would believe it without much hesitation is ok.

It’s just that everything other than Chucky has felt grounded in some sort of normality up to now so it feels a little jarring. I guess, from here on in, it’s kids vs Chucky then, where’s your money?

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