Chucky — Episode 5, Little Little Lies Review

The Old Switcheroo

By Mark

Caroline Cross, Carina Battrick (“Feel the Beat”, “Falling”), wakes in her hospital bed and immediately asks dad Nathan, Michael Therriault (“Murdoch Mysteries (TV)”, “Cult of Chucky”), where Chucky, voiced by Brad Dourif who’s always done the Chucky voice, is.

Nathan doesn’t particularly want to show his daughter a disfigured and badly burnt doll but Caroline does her usual scream the house down thing and he relents. However, when she sees Chucky she screams even louder and Nathan throws him in the hospital garbage.

Back at school and Jake Wheeler, Zackary Arthur (“ Mom and Dad”, “ The 5th Wave “), Lexy Cross, Alyvia Alyn Lind (“Daybreak (TV)”, “Future Man (TV)”), and Devon Evans, Bjorgvin Arnarson (“The Seventh Day”, “Family Time (TV)”), the intrepid trio, are plotting how to get rid of Chucky, but first they have to find him.

Junior, Teo Briones (“Wind River”, “Ratched (TV)”), looks on, wondering what Lexy is doing with the other two and why he’s being left out. Jake and Devon ask if they should tell Junior but Lexy says no, he doesn’t have the imagination for something like this.

When Caroline and family return home, Nathan has a surprise for her, a new Good Guy Doll, this one called Tommy. When Lexy sees it she thinks it’s Chucky playing tricks and loses her sh*t, throwing it to the floor and trashing it, much to her sisters shock.

Back with the Junior household and Jake is texting Lexy which Mom Bree, Lexa Doig (“Arrow (TV)”, “Continuum (TV)”), tries to stop with a ‘no phones at the dinner table’ policy and Junior tries to stop because Lexy hasn’t returned any of his messages all day. They argue at the dinner table and Bree tries to tell Logan he’s not helping matters with his pressure on Junior, but he doesn’t get it.

Arguing is in the air tonight though as Nathan and his wife Mayor Michelle Cross, Barbara Alyn Woods (“One Tree Hill (TV)”, “Port City”), are also arguing over the way she is treating Lexy. Nathan is asking for compassion and for her to choose between being mom or the mayor, Michelle says she can do both.

Nathan also finds the burnt Chucky back in the house. Confused he throws it in the trash outside and Lexy messages Jake and Devon to get over here ASAP. They bag him from the trash, taser him and then stop him to bits, satisfied they’ve ended things.

All of this seems to bring Jake and Devon closer and the pair end up kissing and holding hands at a meeting that takes place at the school later that evening.

We see Bree at her therapist talking about a secret, something she hasn’t managed to tell Logan, though she does keep trying, it never seems the right time. Her therapists asks if she’s thought of telling Junior first to which Bree scoffs, he’s been through enough.

Top and tailing this episode is an older Charles Lee Ray / Nica Pierce, Fiona Dourif (“ Tenet “, “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (TV)”), murdering a woman she’s picked up from a nightclub with the help of Tiffany, Jennifer Tilly (“Cult of Chucky”, “Curse of Chucky”).

Fast forward some years and we’re back in the same room. A different dead body on the floor and a man tied to a chair. When Tiffany leaves the room Charles Lee Ray, nicknamed Chucky by Tiffany, has some fun, but upon seeing some blood seems to faint.

When she comes around she doesn’t know where she is, or what the date is and says she’s a paraplegic and her name is Nica Pierce. She asks if there’s a Good Guy Doll anywhere and says that Chucky possessed her, forcing her to kill. She tries to free the man in the chair but he hits her, which brings Chucky back.

At a school meeting, in which the Mayor is attempting to say that the town is safe, she is roundly booed by the gathered crowd. Detective Kim Evans, Rachelle Casseus (“Each His Own Devil”, “Hard Rock Medical (TV)”), gives a short speech and then says the school principal would like to say a few words. But that doesn’t happen, though she does make an appearance, at least, part of her does.

I’m not sure this is the best episode of Chucky I’ve seen thus far. It feels a little obvious as to what’s going to happen and like it’s one of those episodes that is necessary to tie-up a few loose ends, move a couple of things on quickly, establish a few new normals, before we get back to Chucky and his insatiable appetite for murder.

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