Chucky — Episode 6, Cape Queer Review

The Chucky Chasers Are On The Way

By Mark

We kick things off with Andy Barclay, Alex Vincent (“Child’s Play”, “Child’s Play 2”), and Kyle, Christine Elise (“BH90210 (TV)”, “Cult of Chucky”), arriving at a house pretending to be from the census.

Things begin innocently enough, until an obviously nervous Andy, begins asking about any strange events; fires, accidents and then asks if there are any new dolls. The parents tell their daughter to go and bring them and in she walks with Chucky and the pair shoot it multiple times before leaving, sharpish.

Andy informs us that Chucky, voiced by Brad Dourif who’s always done the Chucky voice, split his soul into pieces, into other Good Guy Dolls, but one piece ended up somewhere, somewhere bad.

Back at school and Detective Kim Evans, Rachelle Casseus (“Each His Own Devil”, “Hard Rock Medical (TV)”), marches into biology class and arrests the teacher Miss Fairchild, Annie Briggs (“Stardust”, “Wharf Rats (TV)”), for all of the recent murders, despite the children’s protests.

Bree, Lexa Doig (“Arrow (TV)”, “Continuum (TV)”), meanwhile finally tells Logan, Devon Sawa (“Disturbing the Peace”, “The Fanatic”), and Junior, Teo Briones (“Wind River”, “Ratched (TV)”), about her cancer, Jake Wheeler, Zackary Arthur (“ Mom and Dad”, “ The 5th Wave “), overhears.

Bree, for some reason, then takes Junior to her therapy session, leaving him in the car to listen to music. She tells her therapist she isn’t doing any more treatment, she wants to live out her life with her family, whatever she has left which, turns out to be less than she might have hoped as Chucky is in the building.

Back with the older Charles Lee Ray / Nica Pierce, Fiona Dourif (“ Tenet “, “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (TV)”), and Tiffany Valentine, Jennifer Tilly (“Family Guy (TV)”, “Monsters, Inc.”), and Nica is back after fainting at more blood.

This time she attempts to conceal who she is from Tiffany but that doesn’t wash, though Tiffany tells her she would like to keep her, rather than having Chucky back. She knocks Nica out and takes her back to Hackensack, to a very familiar home she’s just bought.

With Junior upset about how is life is currently going and Lexy Cross, Alyvia Alyn Lind (“Daybreak (TV)”, “Future Man (TV)”), now spending most of her time with Jake and Devon Evans, Bjorgvin Arnarson (“The Seventh Day”, “Family Time (TV)”), Junior dumps her.

The trio decide they need to set a trap for Chucky and do so at Juniors house, where Junior and Logan are is anyone’s guess. Anyway, they take inspiration from the Cape Fear movie Devon has been watching and sit in wait.

Chucky does arrive and manages to corner Lexy. Jake and Devon arrive and they manage to injure Chucky, but not enough to do any harm to a demonic doll, mostly just p*ss him off further. Then Devon’s mom arrives, quite randomly, and let’s herself into the house…this doesn’t end well for her.

Perhaps I’m overthinking why certain people aren’t in their own home, leaving others to be, when there’s a curfew on, why you’d take your son to a therapy session and leave him in the car, or why someone would let themselves into someone else’s house, without, say, knocking first maybe. I don’t know.

It moves the story on though, ramps up the excitement and Chucky is certainly ramping up the kills in this episode with a lot of characters who’ve been in it from the start meeting their small, plastic end. This is good, I mean, it’s why you watch Chucky, for the thrills, but it also means no character appears safe.

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