Chucky — Episode 8, An Affair To Dismember Review

Final Episode & Series Review

By Mark

Andy Barclay, Alex Vincent (“Child’s Play”, “Curse of Chucky”), arrives at Junior’s, Teo Briones (“Wind River”, “Ratched (TV)”), house and he lets him in and lets him have a snoop around.

But Andy’s out of luck, he can’t find Junior’s dead dad Logan, Devon Sawa (“Disturbing the Peace”, “The Fanatic”), or Chucky, voiced by Brad Dourif who’s always done the Chucky voice, who was hiding in the toilet.

Jake Wheeler, Zackary Arthur (“ Mom and Dad”, “ The 5th Wave “), and Lexy Cross, Alyvia Alyn Lind (“Daybreak (TV)”, “Future Man (TV)”), remember the Chucky doll in the kitchen, just as it slashes its way into the room, before having its head blown off by the arriving Kyle, Christine Elise (“Cult of Chucky”, “BH90210 (TV)”).

Kyle then drugs both the kids, she doesn’t want them along for the ride as it’s going to be dangerous when they head to Charles Lee Ray’s house.

At said house we now have over 70 Chucky dolls, plus Tiffany Valentine, Jennifer Tilly (“Family Guy (TV)”, “Monsters, Inc.”), Nica Pierce / Charles Lee Ray / Chucky, Fiona Dourif (“Tenet”, “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (TV)”), Junior and Devon Evans, Bjorgvin Arnarson (“The Seventh Day”, “Family Time (TV)”), who is tied to a chair.

Chucky gives a pep talk to the other Chucky’s, they intend to kill everyone, except kids under five or six. Tiffany is getting jealous of doll Chucky talking to Nica Chucky and slaps her, bringing Nica back. Chucky isn’t happy and says to kill her.

Tiffany can’t though, she likes her too much as Nica, so Chucky tells Junior to do it. He picks up the knife, makes like he’s going to, but before he can Tiffany turns on Chucky and decapitates him.

Tiffany, Junior and the now sedated Nica, jump in their car and head after the truck load of Chucky’s that have been taken to the big event Mayor Michelle Cross, Barbara Alyn Woods (“One Tree Hill (TV)”, “Port City”), is putting on. From there, the dolls will be sent across the country to sick children.

Back at the house and decapitated Chucky is telling his body to kill Devon, luckily Andy arrives in time to save him, but the house is rigged to blow and Kyle is on her way unaware of this fact.

Things escalate quickly from here as the usual trio of Jake, Lexy and Devon must stop Chucky and Chucky’s, with the help of Andy and Kyle if they can.

As you’d expect, things are left wide open for the second season with the introduction of another familiar Good Guy, or Good Gal, doll arriving on the scene.

There’s a nice little review by Chucky at the end as he counts his kills and methods he used, whilst sat by the fireside.

Overall, Chucky has been fun and has been a good series without really being spectacular. I’m old enough to remember the original movies and I’m not totally sure what this series has brought that’s new, though, I don’t think that was ever the point of the Chucky series either, the point is to bring Chucky to a new audience and, in that, I think they have succeeded.

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