Devs, Episode 1.5 Review

By Mark

Into the second half of the series and this has to be the oddest of episodes, which given this Alex Garland at the helm is no mean feat.

Katie (Pill) controls the episode, spending her time in the viewing room of Devs, seemingly reminiscing.

We, alongside her, see when Lily first meets Sergei, when Forrest (Offerman) taps Katie up for a job, paying her through university.

We also see Stewart (Henderson), Forrest, Lyndon (Spaeny) and Katie doing what looks like scanning objects, and then extrapolating out…though we’re not clear why.

Katie later hypothesises that Forrest is trying to prove that what happened to his wife and child was unavoidable, that no matter what he did, it was always going to happen.

We also see the moment Forrest loses his wife and daughter, a car accident. As all of these ‘visions’ are going on, we see multiple versions, multiple universes, each one playing out slightly differently.

More insights of Lily’s death are revealed, all the time she’s whacked out on drugs in the hospital, but Jamie, who Kenton didn’t kill, just scare the living bejesus out of him, comes to her rescue, evidently not scared enough.

Jamie rescues her which appears to please Katie as she smiles as she watches on.

This is the weirdest episode of Devs, by a long way. It’s hard to say it’s unnecessary when it reveals so much, just in an odd way. Strangely compelling.

Originally published at on April 18, 2020.



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