Devs, Episode 1.6 Review

By Mark

Jamie (Ha) and Lily (Mizuno) decide they can’t keep running, so they head to Forrest’s (Offerman) house where they find him in bed with Katie (Pill), literally.

Katie intervenes and tells Lily it is her that she needs to speak to and so Forrest and Jamie head outside, leaving the girls to chat.

Surprisingly Katie tells Lily everything, well, almost everything. She tells her how Sergei died, who did it, what Devs is, how it works, what it does and what’s coming. Though she leaves out the bit about Lily’s own death, which is imminent, just 21 hours.

Katie tells her that ever since Devs was built they’ve been able to look forward. However, there’s a point in which that future appears to end. Anything beyond that is just static. They don’t know why. They don’t know what causes it.

Also, the future has never got further away, it’s always up to the same point, it’s always up to when Lilly dies.

Lily takes this with surprising calm, though that’s possibly because she doesn’t believe her, she thinks they’re crazy.

Outside, Forrest tries to get Jamie to talk but just keeps putting his foot in it. He apologies to Jamie for his broken finger, claiming not to know what his ‘attack dog’ had done to him, only that he was told he’d intimidated someone.

This is a turnaround episode after five, we’re back on track, on the tramlines as it perhaps should be. Garland is slowly ramping up the tension, keeping you guessing, it’s delightful.

Originally published at on April 18, 2020.



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