Devs, Episode 1.7 Review

By Mark

As we near the end of Alex Garland’s brilliant sci-fi series Devs, we enter the penultimate episode to find that Lily (Mizuno) and Jamie (Ha) decide to get round everything Forrest (Offerman) and Katie (Pill) have told them, by staying home and being ‘normal’.

We know that’s not going to happen though.

As Katie leaves to head to Devs she finds Lyndon in the back of her car, which doesn’t come as a surprise. On route from Forrests house to Devs is a dam, which they stop at to have a chat.

Katie informs Lyndon she has seen this scene many times, she knows what happens and tells him that, in order to put complete faith in his multiverse theory, he climbs over the safety railings and let’s go.

The theory being that, whilst he may fall, he will only be conscious of the universe in which he doesn’t and in that universe, he gets his job at Devs back…

Kenton (Grenier) meanwhile, has other ideas about Lily and Jamie having a nice quiet day. He breaks into her apartment, armed, and is intent on killing them both.

As he’s part way through the deed, who should come to the rescue? Pete, Jefferson Hall (“Taboo (TV)”, “Vikings (TV)”), the homeless man who lives on Lily’s apartment block front door step who, it transpires, is not as he seems.

With Lily at the end of it all, feeling like she has nothing left, she decides to do what Forrest and Katie said she would, and she heads to Devs.

When she gets there she is caught by security cameras, but when they radio through they are told to let her go. When she reaches Devs Stewart is at the front door, quoting Shakespeare and acting generally weird. He lets her in.

What happens next? I mean, we know what happens next, Forrest, Katie and Lily know what happens next but it can’t be, can it? I can’t wait to see what does happen in the final episode.

Originally published at on April 18, 2020.



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