Devs, Episode 1.8 Review

By Mark

Lily (Mizuno) finds Forrest (Offerman) sat in the viewing room. They begin a conversation that neither of them feels they have control over yet neither feel they are being controlled to say.

Forrest tells her that this is the time she takes out the gun, the gun Kenton used on Jamie. She does so. She then demands that he she shows him what he she does that night, not tells him, shows him.

Reluctantly, Forrest agrees, saying he’d try and talk her out of it, but he knows that there is no point. They both take a seat and Forrest fires Devs up.

We see what we haven’t seen before, we see what Lily does, what happens to certain people that night, Devs shows it us all.

Lily is dumbstruck, this isn’t her, this isn’t something she would do, but there it is, on screen and, as Forrest and Katie keep telling her, the future is set, you have no choices.

Lily repeats something Jamie said to her early, that the problem with the leaders of these tech companies is that they think they are messiahs.

Forrest laughs and let’s Lily in on a little joke; the real name of the project is not Devs, the ‘v’ isn’t a ‘v’, it’s a ‘u’, the real name of the project is Deus. He tells her it’s a private joke, she doesn’t laugh.

Is this the end? What do you think? We see the start of what Deus has shown us begin to play out but Lily has other ideas. Can she change what’s been set?

Garland surprises us with further twists and some beautiful directing as the action takes place within the Devs/Deus facility.

It’s as slow and deliberate as the previous episodes, Garland not simply stomping on the gas for the final episode, keeping things reined in but ticking along beautifully.

Devs has been a wonderful series, slow, deliberate and achingly cool. Garland, as we know, is a fantastic writer and director and Devs simply cements that.

Originally published at on April 18, 2020.



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