Dr. Brain — Episode 2, Chapter 2 Review

Let’s Sync With Anything

By Mark

We begin with what Sewon, Sun-kyun Lee (“ Parasite “, “2036 Apocalypse Earth”), is seeing whilst inside the mind of his wife Jaeyi, Joo-Young Lee (“Times (TV)”, “Baseball Girl”).

One minute, he is lying in bed chatting to her, their son Doyoo hiding under the sheets. Doyoo runs outside and Sewon attempts to follow, but his wife stops him, before falling backwards into a floor of blood, all the while she’s telling Sewon to find their son.

He wakes, still attached, via his machine, to his wife who is fitting, switching his machine off sees her stop. He records his findings, not sure if what he’s seen is a hallucination from Jaeyi, concluding that brain syncs with the living are dangerous, and he’s not doing anymore.

Sewon has a nurse who comes to tend to his wife and, whilst working from home, the two police officers return with further questions. They ask why he never told them his wife had attempted suicide. Their theory is he tried to kill her, murdered her lover and wants to finish the job.

He takes them to the basement to show them the truth, seeing his wife hooked up to all sorts of machines to keep her alive. They leave, but still suspect him. Then the hallucinations begin again.

This time he sees his wife, with Junki Lim, the man he’s suspected of murdering, and, who he thinks, is Lim’s daughter, Heejin, playing with his son.

He calls up the private investigator, Hee-soon Park (“The Scam”, “Seven Days”), who was originally hired by Junki Lim, and hires him to find out what was going on between his wife and this man.

They travel to Junki’s house, Sewoon know’s the passcode to get through the door and pretends not to know how to the PI. As Sewoon is walking into the kitchen, he has a vision of being stabbed.

We leap to the post mortem of Junki Lim and police detective Jiun, Seo Ji-hye (“Dinner Mate (TV)”, “Crash Landing on You (TV)”), is told that it was a skillful person who wielded the knife, “a professional” her colleague comments, “or a doctor” she responds.

The post mortem has also found the holes in the cranium where Sewoon brain synced with Lim, though they don’t know what they’re for, or how they got there. They find Sewoon on the CCTV though, walking in with his brain syncing equipment.

Meanwhile he tells the PI everything, who doesn’t believe him, naturally, but Sewoon is also aware that certain places, smells, textures, can intensify the memories of the others he’s synced with.

Outside the house they find Mika, Doyoon’s cat that they gave to Heejin, now deceased, but still ‘warm’ and Sewoon decides it would be a good idea to brain sync with it. This is instead of going to the grandmother of Heejin, the address of which they’ve just found and, had they gone, would have seen some bad men doing bad things.

With a freshly brain synced cat inside him, Sewoon start exhibiting some cat-like attributes: his vision is different and he has amazing reflexes. He sees a car driving away from a murder scene and gives the plate to Jiun who tells him it belongs to Kangmu Lee, a former police officer, now private investigator, but there’s more…

Dr. Brain continues to intrigue. The visuals are good though I expected a little more, well, trouble I guess with Sewoon seemingly syncing with everything he finds. I expected the horror from episode one to grow, but it seems to have gone the opposite way.

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