Dr. Brain — Episode 3, Chapter 3 Review

Cat’s Can Dodge Bullets

By Mark

We left Dr. Brain, Sewon, Sun-kyun Lee (“ Parasite “, “2036 Apocalypse Earth”), with someone at his front door, that someone? Kangmu Lee, Hee-soon Park (“The Scam”, “Seven Days”), the man he’s been told is dead.

He lets him in and tells him what he knows, Lee just laughs, how can he be dead? Sewon thinks maybe his subconscious has created Lee since he synced with Junki Lim, but realises that’s not right, as he met Lee first.

He rushes to the morgue and peels back the cover of the dead body, the person he first synced with, the man who’d been in the accident. Lee says that’s him and Sewon thinks that maybe, during the first sync, you absorb all memories and subconscious of the person, without knowing.

Somehow, he has synced with the very private investigator his wife’s lover has hired to look into him. He calls his colleague Hong Nam, Jae-won Lee (“Mr. Queen (TV)”, “Record of Youth (TV)”), who found the body, and arranges to meet.

Meanwhile, Sewon and Lee relive Lee’s car accident and remember that he was being followed. He thought he’d lost them, but hadn’t, and they rammed him off the road and asked who hired him and why he was looking into Jaeyi, before killing him. The ‘they’ in this instance, are the two men we saw at the grandmother’s house in episode two.

When Sewon goes to meet Hong Nam, he doesn’t show, but the two men do. They force him, at gunpoint, to leave with them but he manages to run into a dead end. As they approach, with a knife, his cat-like abilities, and more, takeover and he takes one down, then manages to dodge the bullets of the other.

The police arrive on the scene and take one of the men out, Taegu Lee, but the other gets away. Sewon wants to sync with Taegu, find out who he is, why they want to kill him, but the police aren’t having any of it.

Instead, they take Sewon to the station and do a polygraph, but it’s inconclusive and his brain is reacting to questions based on the other people he’s synced with. Meanwhile Hong Nam, who no-one seems to care about, creeps into his mom’s house, in a state, and asks her for her credit card and car.

Detective Jiun, Seo Ji-hye (“Dinner Mate (TV)”, “Crash Landing on You (TV)”), comes round to Sewon’s request and allows him to sync with Taegu Lee. He sees everything, the murder of Junki Lim, the taking of his daughter, the man behind it all. He also sees that Taegu left Heejin with his girlfriend, Mina Song.

They find Mina, who says that Heejin ran away, she didn’t bother to look for her. The police, and Sewon, search the woods opposite where she was being held and, eventually, find her. But she isn’t speaking, not to anyone.

The police let Sewon in to try and he asks her to draw where she last saw his son, Doyoon. She draws a large butterfly, with Doyoon and someone else, on the wings.

I’m still unsure about the ‘abilities’ Sewon has been empowered with from syncing and yet there seems to be very few side-effects as yet. There’s obviously a complex web that writer and director Jee-woon Kim (“A Bittersweet Life”, “The Good, The Bad And The Weird”), is weaving, where it will end, we will have to wait and see.

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