Dr. Brain — Episode 6, Chapter 6 Review

Final Episode Review & Overall Series Thoughts

By Mark

We begin exactly where we left off from Episode 5, with Sewon, Sun-kyun Lee (“ Parasite “, “2036 Apocalypse Earth”), attempting to convince his wife Jaeyi, Joo-Young Lee (“Times (TV)”, “Baseball Girl”), that he’s brain syncing with her.

She comes round to the idea, but she can’t bring the memories of their son to the fore, no matter what she tries. Then she remembers that Sewon told her he had synced with the dead, but she was only in a coma, so she throws herself off a building.

Back in reality, this causes her to crash and neither Sewon nor Namil Hong, Jae-won Lee (“Mr. Queen (TV)”, “Record of Youth (TV)”), can bring her back. Sewon decides the only way forward is for them to stop his heart whilst syncing with Jaeyi.

This way, she should appear to him just as the Private Investigator was. Sewon sees what Jaeyi sees: her trip to the see Dr. Hyun, Lee El (“When the Devil Calls Your Name (TV)”, “What a Man Wants”), taking something from her computer onto a USB stick and Jaeyi thinking she saw Doyoon in a lab room off Dr. Hyun’s office, but it wasn’t him.

When Jaeyi gets home and starts to take a look at the USB stick, she is visited by Secretary Yoon, Teo Yoo (“New Year Blues”, “Money Game (TV)”), who forces some pills on her, making it look like suicide. Though Jaeyi does manage to throw the USB under the cabinet.

Sewon, upon having his heart restarted, find the USB on which contains data about a company called Turritopsis, run by Dr. Myung, Moon Sung-Keun (“Nobody Knows (TV)”, “Burning”).

They call police detective Jiun, Seo Ji-hye (“Dinner Mate (TV)”, “Crash Landing on You (TV)”), who finds an old bunker registered to the company and they head there, knowing this is where the experiment is taking place.

Inside they find some dead bodies, someone has beaten them to the punch. Secretary Yoon is in the control room when a gun is pushed into him, it’s the man he tried to have killed in the previous episode, Joo-Won Lee (“Knowing Bros (TV)”, “Real Men 300 (TV)”).

Rather than just killing Yoon though, he chats to him for a bit, which gives Yoon the opportunity to knock the gun from him and they fight. It’s not until the intrepid trio arrive that Yoon is finally shot and wounded, the bad-guy gets away with Jiun in chase, Sewon and Namil head to Doyoon.

By the time they reach him though Dr. Hyun has managed to reach the controls and start the brain transfer, with Sewon and Hamil standing and watching her, rather than, you know, Namil shooting her with the gun he’s got, which doesn’t happen until she wails like a banshee, about to stab Sewon with a needle.

Sewon must now sync with his son and find a way to stop Myung taking hold. This is dangerous and no-one is quite sure whether he, or the machine, will be able to take it.

Jiun meanwhile has her own eye-rolling fight with the bad-guy, eventually killing him. Back with Sewon he tries to tackle Myung but he’s too powerful, until Namil winds the machine up and gives Sewon the power.

It’s a happy ending for all involved, unless you were rooting for the bad-guys. Everyone is back home except for Secretary Yoon who is still out there, somewhere, as he managed to escape, somehow.

I was so looking forward to Dr. Brain when I first heard about and I really enjoyed the first couple of episodes. Sure, there were a few cliched, eye-roll inducing moments, but I figured that’d be it and on it would go.

This proved not to be the case though. The cliched, eye-roll inducing moments continued, if anything getting worse, particularly in this final episode.

Dr. Brain is interesting, for sure, but it also borrows quite heavily from things that have gone before it, not least Christopher Nolan’s Inception, which the ending of this season, a cliff-hanger of sorts, uses a sort of variation on the spinning top from Inception.

I think part of the problem is my expectations for the program where it would be more of a horror, the first episode doing nothing to dispel that expectation. But Dr. Brain isn’t a horror, it’s more of a “who-dunnit” and the brain sync thing is just Sewon’s way of finding clues and piecing things together.

Looking at it like that I guess it’s ok, I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse. I’m certainly not crossing everything in hope of a season two, I think I’ll give my brain a rest from the doctor.

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