Faulty Roots Short Film Review

By Nadia Kuin

Directed, produced and staring Ella Greenwood Faulty Roots is a short with a surprisingly emotional impact.

The script is well written with on-point dialogue and it’s supported by acting that feels natural and convincing. Some of the scenes lack a little bit of finesse, either from the filming or the interaction between the characters and there’s something about the sound that make the film seem less polished but these a minor faults in the overall picture.

Lola, Ella Greenwood (“In Front Of You”) is particularly sincere in her role, though Dani Thabo (Zack) also plays his part as the ever positive teenager well.

After some careless words resulting in hurt feelings Lola shuns Zack but there’s a painful lesson to be learned when she then looses the chance to ever make up for it. Its quite powerful stuff.

Faulty Roots is a heartfelt snippet from someone’s life but In the end I’m not really sure what its final message was: is it to push yourself to take a chance or that depression can be solved by a change of scenery?

Originally published at https://www.ocmoviereviews.com on March 16, 2020.




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OC Movies, TV & Streaming Reviews

Movie, TV, Streaming Reviews, Trailers, Short Films & Interviews

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