Foundation — Episode 1, The Emperor’s Peace

Apple TV Ventures Into Space

By Mark

Adapting an Isaac Asimov novel is nothing new, the Will Smith starring I, Robot was based on his works, as was the Robin Williams starring Bicentennial Man.

Asimov was a prolific writer and his foundation saga, covering seven pieces of work, is perhaps his most ambitious. It centres on a mathematician, Hari Seldon, Jared Haris (“Chernobyl (TV)”, “Allied”).

Simplistically put; Seldon develops psychohistory, a way of predicting the future of large populations and foresees the coming fall of the Empire and a new Dark Age lasting some 30,000 years.

The current Empire, three clones: Brother Day, Lee Pace (“ Captain Marvel “, “30 Beats”), Brother Dawn, Cooper Carter (“Beyond The After”) and Brother Dusk, Terrence Mann (“Sense8 (TV )”, “Critters”), find out about Seldon’s predictions and aren’t happy.

Seldon has brought Gaal Dornick, Lou Llobell (“Voyagers”), from her own world, a world in which studying maths is not allowed and scientists are ‘purged’, after she successfully solves a maths equation he sends out.

However, her arrival is the day before Seldon is to be arrested for treason and Dornick too. But this is all part of Seldon’s plan, his plan to build a Foundation, sending scientists and mathematicians to opposite ends of the galaxy to preserve science and civilization, so people don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” at the end of the darkness.

There’s no doubt that this a big budget series from Apple TV, a couple of episodes are written by David S. Goyer, who also acts as executive producer on the whole series.

Usually I lament a movie or series for taking too long to get going, spending too much time on the explanation, however I think they could have spent a tad longer on that with Foundation.

It’s a complex affair to get your head around, it will no-doubt help if you have read the original works, which I haven’t as yet. By the end of this episode things will begin to align, so stick with it.

Still, there’s a lot of jumping between worlds, that we don’t really know yet, and jumping between times. Hopefully, as we get to know this galaxy and these people, things will become clearer.

Originally published at on September 24, 2021.




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