Foundation — Episode 10, The Leap Review

Episode & Series Wrap-up

By Mark

So, here we are, the finale episode of the first season of Foundation. How’ve you found it? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Before we get to that, let’s discuss episode ten.

Hari Seldon, Jared Haris (“Chernobyl (TV)”, “ Allied “), talks to the assembled people, convincing them to overcome their hatred and build together, against the genetic dynasty.

He, well, it’s not really Hari, it’s a sort of nanobot incarnation of him, the Vault having been putting together his consciousness all this time. He tells the gathered Foundation people that he lied to them, actually it was never about curating knowledge, but curating people.

Salvor Hardin, Leah Harvey (“ Fighting With My Family “, “National Theatre Live: Small Island”), asks him why he’s been sending her messages, what do they mean? But he doesn’t even know her, it wasn’t him.

It turns out that actually Salvor has some pretty famous parents and the visions she’s seeing are more like memories from them. She sets off in a ship to find them, believing them still alive.

Brother Day, Lee Pace (“ Captain Marvel “, “30 Beats”), is back and dealing with the task at hand, that of what to do with Cleon the 14th, Cassian Bilton (“Shoal (Short)”). Brother Dusk, Terrence Mann (“Sense8 (TV )”, “Critters”), wants him dead.

First he visits Azura, Amy Tyger (“The Alienist (TV)”), just to let her know that everyone she’s ever vaguely known, all 839 of them, and her extended family, all 712 of them, are now dead. Oh, and also, she will be put into a cell for the rest of her life, aware, to think about what she’s taken away from him.

Then Day, fresh from his walk in the big circle, has different ideas about what to do with Cleon the 14th, believing this could be an opportunity to show change. This enrages Dusk and the two argue, eventually Demerzel, Laura Birn (“A Walk Among the Tombstones”, “The Innocents (TV)”), takes the choice away from them.

The Shadowmaster, Mido Hamada (“American Sniper”, “Veronica Mars (TV)”), informs Day that whoever was behind Cleon’s mess, actually managed to disrupt the source material. Meaning all the existing clones are bad, maybe even he and Dusk.

Hugo, Daniel MacPherson (“Strike Back (TV)”, “A Wrinkle in Time”), becomes captain of the Invictus as all sides seem only to happy to put their differences aside to build something to take on the Empire.

Fast forward 138 years, in The Blue Drift, and Gaal Dornick, Lou Llobell (“Voyagers”), arrives at her home planet, why, is an interesting question given everyone will be dead, but anyway.

She does happen upon a mysterious red glowing light which just so happens to be another escape pod with…you guessed it, Salvo inside, what are the odds.

Foundation was always destined to be a large, sprawling attempt at Asimov’s series and it’s a brave bunch of people that take it on.

Whilst the production quality is without question, the directing the cast, everyone has played their part wonderfully. However, I fear things have changed much from the original source material (which I’m yet to read though do have an understanding of).

The series is slow yet manages to leap about at every turn. Characters and their ark are somewhat predictable and, towards the end, the cliche engine arrives and throws yet more spanners in the works.

An attempt it may be, an adaptation I’d stop short of agreeing with. I don’t think I will be spending my time on the inevitable second season.

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