Foundation — Episode 2, Preparing To Live

Episode 2 Takes Off

By Mark

We are back in the unhappy galaxy of Foundation with Apple TV and, well, things take a surprising turn at the end of this episode.

Hari Seldon, Jared Haris (“Chernobyl (TV)”, “Allied”), and his followers have been sent on their way to the outer reaches of the galaxy, a journey of over four years, for their part in the bombings of episode one.

As well as Gaal Dornick, Lou Llobell (“Voyagers”), there’s Raish, Alfred Enoch (“Harry Potter”, “How to Get Away with Murder (TV)”), who is Hari’s right hand man and thousands of other followers of Hari, stuck on a ship by the Empire’s clones.

Speaking of which, the clones, Brother Day, Lee Pace (“ Captain Marvel “, “30 Beats”), Brother Dawn, Cooper Carter (“Beyond The After”), and Brother Dusk, Terrence Mann (“Sense8 (TV )”, “Critters”), are deliberating who to blame for the bombings on their planet.

They decide to launch attacks on two planets, knowing that it probably wasn’t actually them behind the bombings, but the bombers did speak their language prior to destination, so, you know.

We also learn, something that seemed obvious to me, that the clones odd assistant, Demerzel, Laura Birn (“A Walk Among the Tombstones”, “The Innocents (TV)”), isn’t all she appears, in more ways than one.

Back on the ship, Raish and Gaal are now a couple, though trying their best to keep it quiet. Gaal spends her time swimming and standing in for Hari in meetings he doesn’t want to attend.

The majority of the time is spent simulating what life will be like when they get to the planet they’re headed for. Can they mine, colonise, live? The numbers aren’t good, and most know that.

Up until the final minutes of this episode, it was hard to say a lot happens. Some retaliation, lots of talking, lots of couple-stuff, it’s not the most dynamic of episodes.

However, the final few minutes suddenly ramp up, things escalate quickly, and you’re left wanting to immediately watch episode three! We won’t spoil it, but, once again, stick with it.

Originally published at on September 24, 2021.



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