Foundation — Episode 3, The Mathematician’s Ghost Review


By Mark

And so, after the excitement at the end of episode two, we were eager to get into episode three and see what happens next, the after math of ‘that incident’.

Well, transpires our eagerness was misplaced. Rather than continuing where things left off we are transported 400 years earlier as we see Cleon The First, talking to Demerzel, Laura Birn (“A Walk Among the Tombstones”, “The Innocents (TV)”). He is keen that his legacy lives on, admiring the yet to be complete Star Bridge.

We then leap 419 years forward, that’s 19 years after the Star Bridge bombing, and Brother Dusk, Terrence Mann (“Sense8 (TV )”, “Critters”), now known as Brother Darkness, is older, looking exactly like Cleon The First.

The Star Bridge is still in the sky, threatening to fall to the planet. Darkness wants to see if there’s a way to salvage it somehow, protect the legacy of Cleon.

Brother Dawn however, who is now, Lee Pace (“Captain Marvel”, “30 Beats”), and Brother Dusk, who is now Terrence Mann (“Sense8 (TV )”, “Critters”), who is also still playing Brother Darkness, believe they are the legacy of Cleon, not the bridge.

As Brother Darkness reaches the end of his life, he paints a mural on a wall and heads down into the vaults to see the next clone being readied, the new Dawn (clever Asimov). As he puts it, “it’s strange watching yourself be born”.
17 years later, the New Brother Dawn, Cleon the 14th, erases the mural Brother Darkness created just before he died, saying he has outgrown it.

Meanwhile, still ignoring the aftermath of the end of episode two, the colonists arrive on the planet Terminus and discover The Vault, the mysterious monolith that doesn’t allow anyone to approach it.

The only one who can get anywhere near it is Salvor Hardin, Leah Harvey (“ Fighting With My Family”, “National Theatre Live: Small Island”). She has taken over from her father, Clarke Peters (“The Wire (TV)”, “ Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri “), as The Warden.

She protects the colonists from whatever monsters roam this frozen planet they call home, ensuring the curfew is maintained and the force-field is working.

Salvor goes to her mother Bayla, Jade Harrison (“The Stranger (TV)”, “Hollyoaks (TV)”), who is part of the The Encyclopedists creating the encyclopedia for life after the catastrophe, to inform her that the field around The Vault is expanding. She thinks The Vault is what will cause the forthcoming catastrophe.

It’s around this time that Terminus discover the Anacreons are on their way in three battleships. It’s also at this time that they discover their comms system to The Empire is down.

By the end of the episode, despite everyone saying they have over 40 hours until the Anacreons arrive on the planet, Salvor discovers them early.

Originally published at on October 1, 2021.



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