Foundation — Episode 6, Death And The Maiden Review

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2 min readOct 22, 2021


By Mark

Brother Day, Lee Pace (“ Captain Marvel “, “30 Beats”), arrives to see if he can install the Proxima he wants, but is met not by an adoring crowd, but by the ‘heritic’ Zephyr Halima, T’Nia Miller (“Cry Me A River”, “The Haunting of Bly Manor (TV)”).

She tries to give him a gift of the holy water of the planet, but Demerzel, Laura Birn (“A Walk Among the Tombstones”, “The Innocents (TV)”), reminds her that he cannot accept.

To try to install the Proxima he wants, Brother Day says he will build a planet wide desalinization plant, to help with the water crisis. But it isn’t enough, an impassioned speech by Halima about souls sways things to her.

Meanwhile, the Anacreons have captured the, still alive, captain of the Imperial ship they brought down. They also begin assembling a small crew of engineers to take with them.

Some young boys, who manage to rescue Salvor Hardin, Leah Harvey (“ Fighting With My Family “, “National Theatre Live: Small Island”), inform her they have heard Phara, Kubbra Sait (“Wakaalat from Home (TV)”, “RejctX (TV)”), talk about The Invictus.

The Invictus is, or was, a legendary destroyer space ship, thought lost, maybe destroyed, but it seems Phara and her people have found it, and now want to restore it to seek revenge.

Salvor meanwhile begins to have vivid flashbacks, Hari’s library, the moment between Raish and Hari, just before Hari is killed. Salvor is in place of Gaal but she doesn’t know why, we don’t know why.

Salvor hatches a plan, together with her father Clarke Peters (“The Wire (TV)”, “ Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri “), and boyfriend Hugo, Daniel MacPherson (“Strike Back (TV)”, “A Wrinkle in Time”).

They set out to scupper the Anacreon ships, which they just about succeed in doing, but at the expense of Salvor’s father, who doesn’t manage to make it.

To top it all, on the way back to Hugo’s ship, the only way left off the planet, they are both captured and, together with Phara and the small, hand-picked crew, are forced to head to The Invictus.

Back with the Empire and Cleon The 14th , Cassian Bilton (“Shoal (Short)”), has fallen in love with his gardener, a commoner if you will, which, as you can imagine, isn’t in anyones plan.

He also lets slip that he is colourblind, something that has never happened before with any of the clones, he’s the first.

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