Foundation — Episode 7, Mysteries And Marters Review

By Mark

The defence systems are still active on The Invictus, the Anacreon’s have lost two ships just trying to board it. We learn The Invictus is a jump ship and it’s been jumping for 700 years, randomly.

To get on the ship they must make a leap in space suits and everyone makes it, except Hugo, who is lost to space. They also learn of Phara’s, Kubbra Sait (“Wakaalat from Home (TV)”, “RejctX (TV)”), plan for the ship, to jump it into the heart of Trantor.

Brother Day, Lee Pace (“Captain Marvel”, “30 Beats”), isn’t happy with Demerzel, Laura Birn (“A Walk Among the Tombstones”, “The Innocents (TV)”), after she knelt during Zephyr Halima’s, T’Nia Miller (“Cry Me A River”, “The Haunting of Bly Manor (TV)”), impassioned speech.

Day visits Halima, believing she ‘wants’ something, something he can give her. More defences for instance. But what she wants is for him to end the genetic dynasty, which doesn’t go down well.

To prove to people that he does have a soul, or at least can grow, Day decides to walk the Great Spiral, to let The Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone decide what is true and who is right or wrong.

Cleon the 14th, Cassian Bilton (“Shoal (Short)”), is now having a relationship with the gardener, Azura, Amy Tyger (“The Alienist (TV)”), and is telling her more and things he probably really shouldn’t.

She wants them to run away together, change his face, lose his nanobots, but he isn’t sure, he doesn’t believe his brothers would ever allow it.

Back on the ship with Gaal Dornick, Lou Llobell (“Voyagers”), we discover that Raish, Alfred Enoch (“Harry Potter”, “How to Get Away with Murder (TV)”), has uploaded Hari Seldon’s, Jared Haris (“Chernobyl (TV)”, “Allied”), consciousness to his knife, which is now in the ship.

Hari tells Gaal that he was dying anyway, a disease, and tells her how he and Raish planned the whole thing, at least, planned how it should have happened, not with her ending up on the ship.

Gaal shows, and tells, Hari about her ability, the fact that she seems to be able to predict the future, with a good degree of certainty.

We are beginning to ramp up as things get towards the end of the first season. Everything is still as crisp as it was, though, having watched other series during the time I was watching this, Squid Game for example, you’re reminded how ‘easy’ something like that is to watch compared to Foundation.

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