Foundation — Episode 9, The First Crisis Review

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2 min readNov 12, 2021


Eye-rolling Time

By Mark

We are reaching the end of the first season of Foundation and, not going to lie, it’s been tough going at times. It’s an epically, sprawling tail that should have taken longer to tell than the ten episodes we are actually going to get.

Because of that, things are rushed and now, in the penultimate episode of the first season, we’re into cliché land and there’s lots to eye-roll at.

We are with Salvor Hardin, Leah Harvey (“ Fighting With My Family “, “National Theatre Live: Small Island”), on the Invictus as it jumps through space and she finds Lewis Pirenne, Elliot Cowan (“Peaky Blinders (TV)”, “The Spanish Princess (TV)”), had managed to jack himself into the ship and get them home, in orbit around Terminus, though at the cost of his life.

Salvor tries the comms but there’s no-one answering and she finds they’ve dragged a couple of the ships with them including Hugo’s which she jumps over to. The comms on this ship aren’t picking anything up either. Suddenly Hugo, Daniel MacPherson (“Strike Back (TV)”, “A Wrinkle in Time”), arrives, flying through space. There’s some off-hand reason how that’s happened.

Hugo goes back to the Invictus with some of his people and finds Phara, Kubbra Sait (“Wakaalat from Home (TV)”, “RejctX (TV)”), has gone, despite salvo having tied them all up, she’s the only one that’s got out… Salvo goes back to Terminus, to find the field around the Vault now covers the planet.

At the base of it she finds her mother, holding Hari Seldon’s, Jared Haris (“Chernobyl (TV)”, “ Allied “), cube. She does her magic and the Vault splits apart like an Easter Egg, releasing its grip on the planet.

Meanwhile, Cleon the 14th, Cassian Bilton (“Shoal (Short)”), is still hatching a plan with Azura, Amy Tyger (“The Alienist (TV)”), the gardener, but, when he makes his leap a day early, he quickly learns all is not what it first appeared to be.

Back on Terminus and there’s a stand-off with the people of Terminus, Anacreons and Thespins until Phara arrives and miraculously evens the score somewhat. When the Vault begins making noises and a beam of light shines from it, she starts shooting but is stopped in her tracks and we see you know who walk out.

During the course of this episode I think my eyes rolled into my head so many times they’re stuck. Netflix could just show this episode if they want to do a follow up to Attack of the Hollywood Cliches.

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