Hustlers Review

By Liselotte Vanophem

What do you think is the demise of the men on Wall Street? The economic recession, an upcoming successful competitor or the collapse of the market?

New York magazine writer Jessica Pressler certainly had another answer to that question when she wrote her “The Hustlers at Scores” article.

Writer/director Lorene Scafaria (“The Meddler”, “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World) found it as intriguing and engaging as we did and decided to base her new film on Pressler’s work. Luckily for us, “Hustlers” became as entertaining, vibrant and amusing as the article.

From that very first scene, you might not think that this movie will be about hustlers. You get to know that Destiny (Constance Wu), who seems to be an elegant and chic woman, wasn’t always as posh as she looks like.

It wasn’t so long ago that she worked in a bar in New York where all the Wall Street men came together to have fun with some high-class hustlers. Destiny sees this as the best solution to be able to provide herself and her grandmother with the money they need.

However, because she’s not the most exquisite dancer and because of the fierce competition, the money doesn’t come as easy as she thought. She’s about the throw the towel in the ring but then her salvation appears gracious, delightful and fierce on stage in the form of Ramona (Jennifer Lopez).

Men are going crazy, their money is being spent in a record time and no one seems to care about the following day. For Destiny, this seems like an unreachable dream but nothing couldn’t be further from the truth.

Ramona sees something in her that she saw in herself a few years ago and decides to take Destiny under her wings. Well, the rest you can already guess.

Destiny is now living her dream life: Taking all men and their money, drinking champagne like it’s water and buying every outfit she can ever think of. We can’t agree more with Ramona, they’re indeed hurricanes.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and when the recession of Wall Street sets in, the girls might lose their job. However, they find the most lucrative solution: Starting their own business by seducing men at other bars and taking them back to their regular bar.

It all goes incredibly well: the women are picking up their usual high-end clientele and getting more money than any Wall Street guy can ever count.

However, when the need for money is getting higher, the risks they take become more dangerous. Will it become too risky or will the women be able to stay under the radar and live the life they’ve always wanted forever?

When you make a movie about dedicated, fierce, good-looking and gracious women, you need to perfect actors to portray that. That’s exactly what “Hustlers” got!

It all starts with Destiny, a young woman who’ve lived a glamorous and stylish life as well as the more darker and insecure one. Thanks to the graceful Constance Wu (“Crazy Rich Asians”, “All the Creatures Were Stirring”), we see the emotional, loving but also devoted and self-doubting Destiny coming to life wonderfully.

Her stunning acting performance is elevated to an ever-higher level because of the one and only Jennifer Lopez (“Shades of Blue”, “Lila & Eve”). She’s all about confidence, glamour, and determination. The interactions between Lopez and Wu is what keeps this movie together!

If you want to check out “Hustlers” for Cardi B or Lizzo, then we suggest you spend your money on another film. While both singers are gracing both the official trailer and poster prominently, they only have a handful of scenes.

Yes, this movie is about hustlers using their very tainted body but a little less flesh would have made this movie even better. Sometimes there’s just an over-usage of nudity.

Just like the film itself, the cinematography and musical score are lively, upbeat and electrifying. There’s always something going on in “Hustlers” and there’s almost no dull moment, apart from right at the end.

The thrilling music is gone and the emotions aren’t capable of keeping our attention to the screen for the full 100% during the few final scenes. However, don’t let that stop you from seeing this film.

It was just announced that “Hustlers” made $33 million during its opening weekend. Surely that number will rise through the roof in the next few days.

We’re not going to do the “Will Jennifer Lopez be nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role” prediction but one thing we know for sure is that you’ll love this film. It’s an immensely entertaining, vibrant and sensational film led by the stunning Jennifer Lopez. Sadly, there’s just a little too much flesh and too little emotions in “Hustlers”

Originally published at on September 17, 2019.




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