Interview Sean Micallef (“Soundtrack to Sixteen”)

We Were Just Rolling From Laughter!

Soundtrack to Sixteen” is the latest film by director Hillary Shakespeare and it’s an extremely heartwarming movie about being a teenager, love, friendship, and music. We couldn’t wait to find out more about this film and that’s why we had a chat with actor Sean Micallef. We talked about casting, filming “ Soundtrack to Sixteen “ and his music choices.

Liselotte Vanophem: Hi Sean, congratulations on the film!

Sean Micallef: Well, thank you very much.

LV: What were your thoughts when you read the script for the first time?

SM: I fell in love with the script. It was very relatable. Everyone goes through that emotion that when you’re a teenager you feel like the world is against you. This is exactly how Maisy and Ben feel in this movie. My character Luke felt like me during that time of my life.

I originally auditioned for the part of Ethan and at first, I didn’t consider any other role. After that, the sisters asked me to come and audition for Luke. I didn’t’ really see that one coming and when I read that part, I was like ‘Ok, this makes a lot more sense. How did I not see that?’

LV: Did you know that Shakespeare sisters before as well? Because some of the cast do.

SM: No, I never met them before the audition. We got on well straight away and had a really good time. They’re very talented.

LV: Looking back, what’s your favourite scene in this movie?

SM: It has to be the scene when we play football. That was one of the funniest scenes to shoot. It’s a kind of ‘montage shot’ in which we all just play a little bit of football. I remember when we were shooting it, the directors just said ‘ok just play some football and let’s hope we get some fun shots’. We were trying not to be too competitive and have fun at the same time. We were also trying to make it look good. I remember midway through, Scarlett was hit by a ball just square in the face. We were just rolling from laughter and we asked the sister if they had it on camera. Sadly, they didn’t and they asked Scarlett how she would feel about doing that again. We went for about fifteen takes of Scarlett just being hit by a ball. When I watch that scene, it will always remind me of that day.

LV: What do you hope that people will take away with them after the movie?

SM: Well, I think they will find it very relatable. Whether it’s young or old people, we all experienced something like that. The language that’s used and the things that are going on are something that everyone will be able to relate to in one way or another.

LV: This movie is also about music and soundtracks. Do you still remember the songs you listened to when you were sixteen?

SM: Oh, I don’t know actually. I need to think about what music I listened to when I was that age. Was Ed Sheeran out then? I think he was. I think it must be the same music that I still listen to now. Not the best one when it comes to my memory.

LV: Did you already have acting experience before shooting this movie?

SM: Well, not professionally. This was my first real film. I’ve only actually recently decided that I wanted to pursue a professional acting career. Making this film was very exciting and a great experience as well.

LV: Do you already have other projects you’re working on? Or are you just waiting and seeing how this film is doing?

SM: Yes, I’m working on with the Shakespeare sisters on their next film called “Much ado”. They invited me back for that movie. It’s a cool project and I’m very excited.

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Originally published at on March 28, 2020.



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