Invasion — Episode 3, Orion Review

By Mark

Our man in Afghanistan, Trevante Ward, Shamier Anderson (“Wynonna Earp (TV)”, “Son of the South”), is injured, but it looks like he’s the only one that survived the attack on his squad.

Despite a badly injured arm he finds the vehicle they arrived in but nothing is working, no satellites, not old-school radios, nothing.

He starts walking in the heat but soon collapses, injured, the heat too much to bear and he’s hallucinating to boot. Luckily he’s saved by a passing nomad, though he acts hostile towards him, despite the man saving his life.

Aneesha Malik, Golshifteh Farahani (“Extraction”, “Gen: Lock (TV)”), her two children Sarah, Tara Moayedi, and Luke, Azhy Robertson (“The Plot Against America (TV)”, “The Americans (TV)”), and husband Ahmed, Firas Nassar (“Sirens (TV)”, “Foxtrot”), head out of the city, but so does everyone else.

Whilst at a supermarket she hears on the news that they think this is a global terrorist attack, images of people running, cities burning. Outside, some men want Ahmed’s car, so she steals someone else’s and they head to a motel in upstate New York.

Casper Morrow, Billy Barratt (“Mr Selfridge (TV )”, “Mary Poppins Returns”), and his school chums have, somehow, managed to survive the bus crash, despite it plummeting many feet into a quarry.

The teacher/driver Mr. Edwards, Tom Cullen (“Knightfall (TV)”, “ Souls of Totality (Short) “), is badly injured and Casper and his crush Jamila, India Brown (“Worzel Gummidge (TV)”, “The Stranger (TV)”), bandage him up whilst the others setup camp.

There’s some weird moments here involving the bully, Montgomery (Monty) Cuttermill, Paddy Holland (“ Holmes & Watson “, “Roses For Lily (Short)”), the sort of stuff that will make your eyes roll and, frankly, feel cliched and out of place, which is a shame.

Meanwhile, over in Japan, Misuki Yamato, Shioli Kutsuna (“ Deadpool 2 “, “Oh Lucy!”), heads into work only to find it overrun with government officials who have shut the place down to run an investigation.

Misuki isn’t happy and snatches her bosses badge and, with a co-worker in tow, manages to reach the comms room and lock them both in. She wants to find the video from the shuttle, showing the last moments, find out what happened. She does so and they hear a word…’wajo’.

There are some nice moments, when Trevante and his helper are having two different conversations, not understanding each others language. It’s like you’d see on some classic British comedies, without as many laughs.

However, we are beginning to have one to many cliches for my liking and it’s getting a bit worrying now. Hopefully, they can knock them on the head but I fear we may be heading for more.

Episode three of invasion is also written by showrunners Simon Kinberg (“X-Men: Dark Phoenix”, “This Means War”) and David Weil (“Solos (TV)”, “Hunters (TV)”) and is this time directed by Jamie Payne (“Luther (TV )”, “Outlander (TV)”).

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