Invasion — Episode 5, Going Home Review

Adults Are Always F*cking Things Up

Trevante Ward, Shamier Anderson (“Wynonna Earp (TV)”, “Son of the South”), our solider in Afghan, manages to make his way to his old base. The place is still standing, in one piece, but there’s not a soul about, clothes still hang on the line.

He tries to raise someone on the comms, but there’s nothing, he rummages through the trash and finds an immediate evacuation order, due to hostiles unknown.

In a strange turn of events, though perhaps shouldn’t be so surprised with this series thus far, Aneesha Malik, Golshifteh Farahani (“Extraction”, “Gen: Lock (TV)”), volunteers to go to the store, despite the husband of the couple they’re staying with, Michael Harney (“ Doom Patrol (TV) “, “Space Command (TV)”), originally saying he’ll go with husband Ahmed, Firas Nassar (“Sirens (TV)”, “Foxtrot”), and the shotgun.

Anyway, off she goes, alone, and finds a completely empty store and is then picked up by the army who, upon learning she’s a doctor, stick her in the back of an ambulance with a bunch of other doctors and take her to some makeshift camp.

At no point does she object, mention her family, or say much really. Whilst at the camp she pulls a piece of weird alien stuff from a man with a gash in his stomach before being whisked off by the army once more.

Casper, Billy Barratt (“Mr Selfridge (TV )”, “Mary Poppins Returns”), and co hit the jackpot: an abandoned truck filled with chocolate and crisps and the like. They gorge themselves and attempt to get the CB radio working.

What they hear is the emergency broadcast and then a high-pitched noise that they can’t stop but that sends Casper a bit weird, though not weird that we know what’s going on.

The group split up, as it is getting dark, and the emergency broadcast said stay indoors, some elect to stay with the truck whilst others, Casper, his crush, the bully, push on.

Over in Japan, Misuki Yamato, Shioli Kutsuna (“ Deadpool 2 “, “Oh Lucy!”), breaks back into JASA and convinces her boss to listen to the recording again. He does so and she learns that she isn’t the only one that heard something.

The place is crawling with linguists and he has a recording from KIBO, something that’s repeating, but sound can’t travel through space, so they realise it’s alien.

This episode feels like your typical middle episode, the lull before the storm, clear a few things up, bring the characters up to speed as, often, we’re ahead of them. The sort of episode you could miss, but still pick the series up next time.

Everything is brought together at the end by the president of the USA addressing the whole world, I mean obviously, has to be the US president, right? Anyway, they’re all listening in as she confirms it is aliens.

Episode five of Invasion is written by Simon Kinberg (“X-Men: Dark Phoenix”, “This Means War”) and directed by Amanda Marsalis (“Ozark (TV)”, “The Umbrella Academy (TV )”).

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