Invasion — Episode 7, Hope Review

Water Is Hope Too

Aneesha Malik, Golshifteh Farahani (“Extraction”, “Gen: Lock (TV)”), wants to know where son Luke, Azhy Robertson (“The Plot Against America (TV)”, “The Americans (TV)”), found the alien fragment, but before he can answer Ahmed, Firas Nassar (“Sirens (TV)”, “Foxtrot”), stops breathing.

Aneesha pulls over and manages to save his life with some improvised surgery. They find a diner and, despite switching the power on which switches the lights, jukebox and everything else on, they manage to have a nice family meal, alien free.

They go on to find a shelter, the same one she was originally headed to in the ambulance.

Trevante Ward, Shamier Anderson (“Wynonna Earp (TV)”, “Son of the South”), our solider in Afghan, now with added Americanness of a flag around his neck, finds a dead alien on a scorched bit of earth.

He also meets a man, his wife and two children, who say everyone is dead, there’s no point in going on to the camp he is headed for. Instead, they all jump in his truck and head for Kabul airport.

They arrive to find the final plane getting ready to leave, soldiers are letting some people on, but only those who have something to give, money, jewellery etc, because, you know, that’ll come in handy in the apocalypse.

Back in Blighty and Casper Morrow, Billy Barratt (“Mr Selfridge (TV )”, “Mary Poppins Returns”), and his school chums manage to flag a car down, a frantic, blood soaked woman tells them it’s aliens, they aren’t really believers.

Somehow, they get her to take them back to London where she departs and then the group splits. Casper and his crush Jamila, India Brown (“Worzel Gummidge (TV)”, “The Stranger (TV)”), go towards their home, the others head in the opposite direction. Casper and Jamila encounter an alien but only from a distance.

Back in Japan, Misuki Yamato, Shioli Kutsuna (“ Deadpool 2 “, “Oh Lucy!”), her colleague Kaito, Daisuke Tsuji (“Brockmire (TV)”, “The Man in the High Castle (TV)”), and her girlfriends father, Mr. Murai, Togo Igawa (“The Host”, “Giri/Haji (TV)”), are headed towards a large radio telescope, there’s black alien goo all over the roads.

Misuki lies to get them in and begins the search for the source of what she believes is a transmission, she wants to send something back. Despite searching, they can’t find it, but what they do find is the distress signal of the Hoshi-12.

There’s still lots and lots of eye-roll moments in Invasion. It’s not ground breaking by any stretch but, there’s enough to keep you interested, just.

Episode seven of Invasion is written by Simon Kinberg (“X-Men: Dark Phoenix”, “This Means War”) & Andrew Baldwin (“Bastille Day”, “The Outsider”) and directed by Amanda Marsalis (“Ozark (TV)”, “The Umbrella Academy (TV )”).

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