Invasion — Episode 9, Full Of Stars Review

Ground Control To Major Tom

By Mark

Misuki Yamato, Shioli Kutsuna (“ Deadpool 2 “, “Oh Lucy!”), hears a voice over the comms and is convinced it’s her secret astronaut lover. She runs to the comms room and here’s a voice saying “help us”, “help them”.

No-one else is convinced, not even her father Mr. Murai, Togo Igawa (“The Host”, “Giri/Haji (TV)”). The others believe it’s the aliens pretending to be her and the Americans are launching an all out nuclear attack in 78 minutes.

Casper Morrow, Billy Barratt (“Mr Selfridge (TV )”, “Mary Poppins Returns”), Jamila, India Brown (“Worzel Gummidge (TV)”, “The Stranger (TV)”), and Trevante Ward, Shamier Anderson (“Wynonna Earp (TV)”, “Son of the South”), arrive at the hospital and find a neurologist.

It takes some convincing but she does induce a seizure on Casper and his brainwaves go mental, like nothing she’s ever seen. But this seems to bring the aliens to him and they start entering the hospital.

Trevante manages to kill one, burning it alive, which Casper seems to feel. As they continue running they end up surrounded, but Casper realises he’s as much in their head as they are in his.

Aneesha Malik, Golshifteh Farahani (“Extraction”, “Gen: Lock (TV)”), is working with scientists, using the fragment her son found which appears to disarm the alien goo, possibly the aliens themselves. The army sends the family, and fragment, to the pentagon.

However, on the way there they are ambushed by a bunch of men with guns who manage to take out the army personnel with the family. Asheen and her son and daughter run into the woods, the dad tries to buy them some time.

Inevitably, whilst running, Aneesha trips and falls, landing just before a huge area of black alien goo (they should have given it a name), but can get through holding the fragment. And then, the Americans launch their attack.

With things drawing to a close the silliness is ramped up in this penultimate episode. It will be interesting to see what happens in the final episode as it sort of feels like it could have ended with this one.

Episode nine of invasion is written by showrunners Simon Kinberg (“X-Men: Dark Phoenix”, “This Means War”) and David Weil (“Solos (TV)”, “Hunters (TV)”) and is once again directed by Jakob Verburggen (“The Alienist (TV)”, “London Spy (TV)”).

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