Landscapers — Episode 2 Review

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By Mark

We are back with Susan Edwards, Olivia Colman (“ The Favourite”, “The Crown (TV)”), and Christopher Edwards, David Thewlis (“ Justice League”, “ Wonder Woman “) in the police station.

This episode focuses on the pair of them as they tell their version of the events of that awful night. I say story as, despite Christopher telling Susan over and over again to tell the truth, they both repeat details that feel like the last 15-years have been used to craft a story.

Susan takes a solicitor, Dipo Ola, who advises her to respond to everything with ‘no comment’ as, currently, the police don’t have a thing and the couple should walk out once the police’s time is up.

Susan however, isn’t happy about this, particularly when there isn’t a way to tell Christopher of this new plan. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway as Christopher has decided to refuse any solicitors.

But it’s not until Kate O’Flynn (“Wanderlust (TV)”, “Peterloo”) steps up to take on both interviews that the police begin to get a breakthrough. Helped no-end when they turn-up that Susan opened a bank account shortly after her parents’ deaths, transferred a whole heap of cash out and spent it.

Whilst the Edwardses tell their story director Will Sharpe (“The Electrical Life of Louis Wain”, “Flowers (TV)”) takes us to the events they are describing. Other actors join in with the police standing nearby asking questions.

When they talk about Victoria Coach Station in London for example, we see a bus shelter, lit-up in blue, with the name across the top. As Christopher describes meeting Susan and then walking home via a pub, the couple walk from the bus stop to another staged area, a pub. It’s very effective.

As you’d perhaps expect from this particular episode, the pair telling the story of Susan’s parents death and the reasons she says her and her mother argued before she killed her, the laughs aren’t as frequent as episode one.

There are still some, mainly coming from the powerhouse of Coleman and her portrayal of Susan as a vulnerable woman who tries to please everyone. That and sweary and explosive boss Daniel Rigby (“Flowers (TV)”, “Watership Down (TV)”) who continues to delight.

I’m really enjoying Landscapers so far, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea and I am conscious that this is based on the true story of two people being murdered and so, at times, I wonder how delicate it’s all being handled. But outside of that, it’s a delight.

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