MCM Comic Con London 2019

By Liselotte Vanophem

Twice a year, the ExCeL Centre becomes the most colourful, vivid and marvelous place on earth as superheroes, comic lovers and special guests are making their way to the MCM Comic Con London.

Last weekend thousands of fans descended to London to celebrate and honour their favourite anime, television and film character. Liselotte Vanophem joined them on Saturday and came back with this report.

There’s a new Count in town

“Sherlock” creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are the creative brains behind this new dark series. Together with Sue Vertue (one of the executive producers) and Claes Bang (Count Dracula himself), they were very stoked to present their latest work to the eagerly awaiting fans.

The stories of the famous Count have been brought to life many times and therefore you’re probably wondering why another adaption of Dracula needed to be made.

During the panel, Moffat mentioned that he was aware that there were already many adaptions and that it became a genre instead of the story about Dracula. The fact that it’s loved worldwide makes it just irresistible to not make your version of it.

However, writing the script for this new series wasn’t easy as finding the voice of Dracula was hard. Mostly, because there’s not much of Dracula to see or hear in the original work of Bram Stoker. However, once they found that voice, they couldn’t stop writing it. Bang, who’s now putting on that famous coat, had nothing but good things to say about the scripts he was handed.

Stepping into the footsteps of esteemed actors such as Gary Oldman who portrayed the leading role in 1992’s “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” and Christopher Lee who was Count Dracula in “Dracula: Prince of Darkness” from director Terence Fisher is never easy.

However, we’re pretty sure that Bang will give his bloody brilliant twist of Dracula. He wanted to make it look as real as possible, truthful and authentic and therefore he approached this well-known character like any other.

Portraying Dracula was difficult as he had to find some elements inside himself and he needed to put himself out there. He didn’t see this Dracula as his own but as the Dracula of the entire team.

That everyone of that team just has a massive love for Dracula also became clear at the end of the panel. It was announced that there will be a documentary coming out about the history of Dracula around the same time as the mini-series.

Your thirst for the Count will be satisfied. Sadly, there’s no release date yet but that gives you time to prepare yourself for the darkest and obscure Dracula you will ever see.

From an ordinary teenage boy to an extraordinary young spy

His ordinary teenage life is swapped for an extraordinary one full of thrilling action, spy adventures and intriguing moments. Now his stories, written by Anthony Horowitz, are coming to life on the small screen thanks to creator Guy Burt. That the actors, creator, series director, and author were as thrilled as the fans became very obvious during the Alex Rider panel and press conference afterwards.

Horowitz was the screenwriter for “Stormbreaker” in 2006 but due to writing his next Alex Rider novel, he gave Burt the chance to shine as the writer this time.

Horowitz couldn’t be happier with what Burt did with the stories as he mentioned that was extremely excited to see this coming to life. Mostly because Burt made sure that the script stayed incredibly true to “Point Blank” and the characters and mentioned that he did a great job.

When you’re making television series about both the extraordinary and action-packed life of a spy and the quiet and ordinary one of a teenager, you better make sure that you find a lead actor who can pull both sides off.

After seeing more than a thousand men, Otto Farrant became the new Alex Rider. According to Horowitz, it was an extraordinary feeling to see Alex finally coming to life especially because Otto played him to perfection.

Alex Rider is certainly not a one-man show and so the casting of the supporting characters was as important as casting the main one. Series director Andreas Prochaska mentioned that it was crucial to find the right actress to portray the role of Jack Starbright. Mostly because she’s the heart of the story and they absolutely found that in the form of Ronke Adekoluejo.

In both the stories and the series, you will see Alex’s best friend Tom and because of Brenock O’Connor’s spectacular performance, they decide to give this character a bigger role in the series than he originally had the books.

During the panel, Otto was exclaimed as a young version of Tom Cruise because he wanted to do as many of his stunts as possible. Therefore, Alex Rider is certainly something you can look forward to.

There’s no confirmed channel or date yet for this new Alex Rider television series. Upcoming talent and acclaimed filmmakers coming together? Alex Rider is definitely something that many channels will love to put on.

We love you 3000!

For those who can’t get enough of the MCM Comic Con, we have some great news for you! On the 16th and 17th of November, the NEC in Birmingham is the place-to-be for your comic needs. An event you will love 3000!

Originally published at on October 29, 2019.



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