Nightshooters Review

By Mark

Marc Price’s (“Magpie”, “Colin”) Nightshooters is finally coming to VOD in North America and Canada and so we were given the opportunity to take a look at this movie from 2018.

It’s a comedy, action movie, made on a shoestring but the budget has been very well used. I wasn’t sure what I’d make of it but I was happy to be surprised.

We’re with a gorilla film crew as they’ve broken into an abandoned office block, due for demolition in the morning along with the one opposite, to make their zombie movie.

There’s the director Marshall, Adam McNab (“ Viking Siege”, “Something Happens Here”), Jen, Kaitlyn Riordan (“Murdoch Mysteries (TV)”, “If I Were You”), the camera operator, Oddbod, Nicky Evans (“Shameless (TV)”, “The Contract”), the sound operator, Ellie, Rosanna Hoult (“ The Lobster”, “Captain America: The First Avenger”), special effects, Donnie, Jean-Paul Ly (better known as a stuntman on things like “ Doctor Strange”, “ Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw “), as the stuntman, Harper, Doug Allen (“Bulletproof (TV )”, “The Royals (TV)”), the lead actor and Kim, Mica Proctor (“Emmerdale (TV)”, “Attack of the Adult Babies”), the gopher.

As this dysfunctional team try to get the shots they need before the building goes boom in the morning, Jen happens to film something in the building opposite, something she shouldn’t have.

What she sees is boss Tarker, Richard Sandling (“ Viking Siege “, “Catherine Tate’s Nan (TV)”), setting fire to a man who killed his nephew in an arson attack. One of Tarker’s henchmen, O’Hara, Nicholas Aaron (“Genesis”, “Black Butterfly”), notices the film students and the start of the mayhem begins.

O’Hara, along with a host of henchmen, stream into the other building to ensure the film crew aren’t able to get out and tell anyone what they may have seen. Of course, it isn’t as easy as they assumed it would be.

The first hour or so of Nightshooters is a funny, verging on farcical, comedy and even when the action starts the comedy continues. The ineptitude of the henchmen and the various characters we have in the film crew all make for a more than watchable movie.

Where things begin to come a little unstuck is when people start dying. The first two thirds of the film lead you to believe that’s not going to happen, and when it does, the film takes a more serious tone, which is right, people have died, but it changes the feel of the movie too and is less successful than what’s gone before.

However, having said that, this is still a fantastic indie flick. Price has done wonderfully to get Jean-Paul Ly onboard and, together with fellow stuntmen Hung Dante Dong and Karanja Yorke, they make some excellent set-piece fight scenes together, usually with blood-flying, gut-busting endings.

Nightshooters is available on Digital HD and Cable VOD from November 2nd 2021 across North America from Indiecan Entertainment.

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