Parallels — Episode 2, Against All Odds Review

Flipping Good

By Mark

We see things from Romane, Victoria Eber (“The Man in the Basement”, “Beyond Appearances (TV)”), and Victor’s, Maxime Bergeron (“Art of Crime (TV)”, “Fantasies”), point of view again, as we did at the end of the first episode, when Sam, Thomas Chomel (“Clem (TV)”, “Mirage (TV)”), and Bilal, Timoté Rigault (“Sam (TV)”), vanish.

We also see things inside the laboratory as Sofia, Naidra Ayadi (“Stillwater”, “Promises”), and her team are running an experiment. At precisely 23:23 it starts but immediately there’s a power cut, this coincides with people vanishing.

Romane and Victor try and find Sam and Bilal. At first they wait, hours and hours, then they go to their homes, but see they aren’t there. They go to Bilal’s and Sofia realises Bilal hasn’t slept in his bed so they all go to the police station.

We see a reenactment of episode one, only this time it’s Romane and Victor, not Sam and Bilal, who are meeting with the police detective Retz, Guillaume Labbé (“Je te promets (TV)”, “Trauma (TV)”).

Alice, Élise Diamant (“Hostiles”), and Arnaud, Gil Alma (“César Wagner (TV)”), Victor’s parents, think he’s played a prank, one that’s gone wrong, they don’t believe he’s telling the truth and don’t seem happy with him. Romane’s mother, Vanessa, Agnès Miguras (“ASKIP, le collège se la raconte (TV”), “Les cobayes”), is much more understanding.

Sam takes big Bilal, Omar Mebrouk (“H24 (TV)”, “H24 (TV)”), to his families grandparents place. He says they don’t use it and the police have already checked, so he should be safe there.

Sam then has to go and see Retz at the police station to confirm the photo fit of the man who was in the den with them. However, now he knows it’s his friend, he changes it so it doesn’t look anything like him.

When he gets home Sam finds some information about a boarding school. His father Arnaud tells him it was for Victor and that’s why he’s run away. Sam doesn’t understand and we see a flashback to when he was told to leave the dinner table in episode one and his parents told Victor they’d send him away to improve.

Sofia and Sam go to the den, though they can’t get in because of the police tape around the place. Sofia wants Sam to tell her what happened, so he does. She knows he’s changed his description of the man, she could have sworn he wore glasses, but she’s doubting herself.

Suddenly the door to the Den opens and Retz comes out. He tells a story, which is a long winded way of saying there was a power cut across the valley at 23:23 last night, the same time as people went missing…Sofia realises that was when they were running the experiment.

She goes to see her boss, Alban, Vincent Debost (“Paris Police 1900 (TV)”, “The Night Watchmen”), to ask for the error report, he gives it to her and it’s like an encyclopaedia. Then they go to the server room and see that everything is fried.

A good episode for Parallels, I particularly like the flip between the two universes, or whatever we’re calling them. The same things happening on either side, conversations, processes etc is also a nice touch and it’s beautifully shot and well performed too.

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