Parallels — Episode 3, Lost Time Review

Time Waits For…

So, last time we learnt that Victor, Maxime Bergeron (“Art of Crime (TV)”, “Fantasies”), seems to be able to summon some kind of power when he’s angry, one that kills flowers. Whilst older Bilal, Omar Mebrouk (“H24 (TV)”, “H24 (TV)”), is having flashbacks, which appear to be the memories he hasn’t lived through, coming back to him, painfully, which is where we begin episode three.

Hugo Moreau is the kid we saw at the start of Parallels that vanished in the woods with his dog. Bilal and Sam, Thomas Chomel (“Clem (TV)”, “Mirage (TV)”), think there may be a connection between that and what’s happened to Victor and Romane, Victoria Eber (“The Man in the Basement”, “Beyond Appearances (TV)”). Sam finds out that Hugo’s father, Jonathan, still lives in the area and hatches a plan to go and speak to him.

Retz, Guillaume Labbé (“Je te promets (TV)”, “Trauma (TV)”), receives a phone call from his technical department advising him that the fingerprint he found in the Sofia’s, Naidra Ayadi (“Stillwater”, “Promises”), car is a 100% match to young Bilal, they’re just bigger, like an adults.

Hervé, Dimitri Storoge (“Notre-Dame brûle”, “Resistance”), is losing at his gambling, with money he stole from Vanessa, Agnès Miguras (“ASKIP, le collège se la raconte (TV”), “Les cobayes”). He forgets he’s been asked to pick up Camille, Anastasia Ait Zahkar, and when he arrives she’s not there. He finds her at the side of the road after she’d started walking, he lies and says it’s her mum that forgot to pick her up.

Older Bilal goes to see Jonathan, the father of Hugo, pretending to be a journalist whilst Sam sneaks in at the back to try and look for clues. Whilst Sam is sneaking around old Bilal finds out that Jonathan found the dog next to his son’s crutch. He thinks it’s just a puppy but old Bilal thinks it’s the same dog.

The pair head to the spot where Hugo went missing using a photograph Sam has stolen from Jonathan’s house…it turns out it’s a very familiar location.

Then we flip and it’s four years later, an older Victor, Jules Houplain (“The Promise (TV)”, “Who You Think I Am”), at boarding school. The other boys don’t like him, think he has something to do with the disappearance, then a girl appears and says she wants to get to know him, she seems to like him.

Older Romane, Jade Pedri (“Skam France (TV)”, “Waiting for Jupiter (Short)”), is now working at the same shop as her mom, on the checkout. A man behind her reads from a paper that they are going to retry the particle accelerator at ERN, where Sofia, Naidra Ayadi (“Stillwater”, “Promises”), ran the test last time. Sofia is leaving, not hanging around for the test, she gives older Romane Bilal’s journal.

Whilst at home looking through it, older Romane sees photos of herself and then drawing after drawing Bilal had done of her. Hervé meanwhile is visited by some debt collectors, he says he’s spoken to his wife and they’re going to sell-up. Vanessa confronts him, she heard everything, she wants him out, then tragedy strikes

Back at his boarding school and older Victor is still being bullied. Whilst in class he gets angry, time seems to spin forward and his hand ages before a light explodes and it’s back to normal. It’s the end of term and his father picks him up, on the way home there are protestors at ERN.

Not the best episode we’ve had thus far of Parallels but a necessary one. It moves things along, particularly at the end, whilst explaining what everyone has been up to for the last four years.

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