Parallels — Episode 4, Bygone Innocence Review

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By Mark

Older Romane, Jade Pedri (“Skam France (TV)”, “Waiting for Jupiter (Short)”), and older Victor, Jules Houplain (“The Promise (TV)”, “Who You Think I Am”), have arrived in 2021 after being in the bunker during the experiment, they see an alert that they are missing, along with Bilal.

First they go to Romane’s house and she sees her mother, Vanessa, Agnès Miguras (“ASKIP, le collège se la raconte (TV”), “Les cobayes”), still alive. She wants to go in and see her but older Victor doesn’t think that’s a good idea, particular with her bad heart.

They head to Victor’s parents and see Sam, Thomas Chomel (“Clem (TV)”, “Mirage (TV)”), in the window. We see the same scene play out that happened with Victor, when his mom Alice, Élise Diamant (“Hostiles”), drops a plate, only it plays out differently with Sam, which upsets Victor.

We see a flashback to something that’s been mentioned a few times by Victor’s parents and it’s a young Victor nearly setting fire to a young Sam.

Older Romane and older Victor decide to go and see Sofia, Naidra Ayadi (“Stillwater”, “Promises”), and tell her the truth. This time she believes it and realises that it really was her son in the car. Then Retz, Guillaume Labbé (“Je te promets (TV)”, “Trauma (TV)”), arrives at Sofia’s and we see the scene of him asking her about the man in the car.

When Retz leaves, Sofia decides to find Sam, and older Bilal, Omar Mebrouk (“H24 (TV)”, “H24 (TV)”). Victor stays at the house but Romane decides to go and check-up on her sister, Camille, Anastasia Ait Zahka, and there’s another scene played out from a different PoV.

Sam arrives at Sofia’s with older Bilal and they embrace, then she shows Sam older Romane and older Victor. Sofia and Sam decide to hide them all at Sam’s grandparents house. The trio want to go back to their own time but Sofia isn’t sure if that’s even possible.

Older Romane leaves the house, leaving older Bilal alone with older Victor and the former witnesses the latter’s powers of ageing. But older Victor doesn’t want older Bilal to say anything to the others about it.

Older Romane has gone to see her mum and informs her about her heart attack whilst trying to get her to leave Hervé, Dimitri Storoge (“Notre-Dame brûle”, “Resistance”). This freaks her mum out, more so than her daughter turning up after all this time..

Camille is left alone with Hervé. The group decide on a rescue mission, knowing Hervé is going out gambling. However, Hervé forgets his wallet and heads back to the house, finding them all inside.

Unfortunately, this episode of Parallels is that inevitable one we now seem to have in a new series. The one whereby all the clichés come at once and your eyes are like a slot machine rolling in your head. Whilst it moves the story on, it all feels a far cry from the first couple of episodes we had. Here’s hoping the rest return to that level.

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