Parallels — Episode 5, A Simple Plan Review

Parallel Universe Theory

By Mark

And so, at the end of the previous episode older Romane, Jade Pedri (“Skam France (TV)”, “Waiting for Jupiter (Short)”), had just rapidly aged Hervé, Dimitri Storoge (“Notre-Dame brûle”, “Resistance”), except it transpires it was older Victor, Jules Houplain (“The Promise (TV)”, “Who You Think I Am”), from afar. The others confront him about it and he gets angry, storming out.

Sofia, Naidra Ayadi (“Stillwater”, “Promises”), is in the den, taking some measurements, her devices starting chirping as older Bilal, Omar Mebrouk (“H24 (TV)”, “H24 (TV)”), is having another flashback(?) to his kids and this time he sees his wife…He tells older Romane who it is…

Older Romane has figured out that she can teleport quickly, she’s showing older Bilal when Sam, Thomas Chomel (“Clem (TV)”, “Mirage (TV)”), overhears some bad news for him.

Retz, Guillaume Labbé (“Je te promets (TV)”, “Trauma (TV)”), calls up the power station to ask about the power cut and she tells him it was the ERN test that blew things out. She also tells him they haven’t had one like that for a good ten years and when he gets the actual date he realises it was when Hugo went missing.

Sofia calls her boss after conducting her experiments and finds out that the next test has been brought forward, not two hours as she thought, but 30 minutes. She puts some chickens in cages throughout the den, along with her machines, whilst the test is going on.

Most vanish, but one is vaporised and leaves a small capsule with the words “from Sofia to Sofia” on it. It’s a USB stick from 2035, containing a video file of an older Sofia, she tells her about the test that she ran those 15 years ago and the outcome isn’t all that favourable for everyone involved. She says Victor is the key, but she isn’t sure how.

Hervé isn’t dead, just very old, and he calls Retz to tell him what happened, a tattoo on Hervé’s arm makes him easy to recognise for Retz.

Sofia explains everything to older Romane, older Bilal and Sam, which is a wonderful explanation of the whole thing, but then Retz arrives and she has to explain it to him too. Retz decides to help and takes Sam to prison, Romane sends Camille to mum.

Meanwhile Sofia and older Bilal are headed somewhere as she believes he’s key to this story, he attempted to put everything back together again in the future and they need to awaken his memories to see what he knows.

I’m glad Parallels has dumped the clichés of the previous episode and we are back to the best of the series with this one. We’re obviously ramping up for the Grande Finalé, which I have a feeling will leave things open for future seasons, but let’s wait and see what happens.

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