Parallels — Episode 6, H-4 Review

Make It To The End

Sofia, Naidra Ayadi (“Stillwater”, “Promises”), and older Bilal, Omar Mebrouk (“H24 (TV)”, “H24 (TV)”), go to see Fred who stimulates older Bilal’s mind to trigger his memories. We see him and Romane, Victoria Eber (“The Man in the Basement”, “Beyond Appearances (TV)”), growing up together on their own and how this pushes them together to become a couple.

We see older Bilal start working at the ERN alongside his mother and how he seems to have some idea, or a plan, something to try to put things right and get the foursome back together again.

However, before he can truly remember everything Fred stops the machine, scared older Bilal will have a seizure but says his memories will come back, something will trigger them, but it could take a while.

Older Romane, Jade Pedri (“Skam France (TV)”, “Waiting for Jupiter (Short)”), finds the sulky, older Victor, Jules Houplain (“The Promise (TV)”, “Who You Think I Am”), stood creepily watching his parents. He feels betrayed by his friends and he thinks everyone hates him. He sends her away in a petulant fit of anger.

Sofia and older Bilal head for ERN, she smuggles him in under the guise of an MIT university professor who only she had spoken to when he visited last year. They get him in and things start returning to him, they’re using an older system then he’s used to but he thinks he can make it work.

He gets the data that future Sofia left for them, but it needs decoding to make it work in the older Atlas system and he’s not sure he can do it in the three-hours they have before the experiment begins. He doesn’t have much choice so begins.

Sulky, older Victor turns up at the police station and busts Sam, Thomas Chomel (“Clem (TV)”, “Mirage (TV)”), out, saying it’s a new plan. Older Bilal has another attack and it suddenly comes back to him why he’s here and it is not to bring them all back together, at least not how it’s happened before.

With a little over an hour to go until Atlas fires again, it’s all beginning to play out as it did last time. Sofia is the only one at the bunker. Victor has taken Sam to their grandparents and phoned his parents, Alice, Élise Diamant (“Hostiles”), and Arnaud, Gil Alma (“César Wagner (TV)”), and told them to come, but don’t tell the police, whilst Romane and Bilal are on their way there with the police in the form of Retz, Guillaume Labbé (“Je te promets (TV)”, “Trauma (TV)”).

Victor wants redemption whilst the others try to talk him round. Their plan goes out of the window and so Bilal tells him the truth, about Sam, his parents, everything. Victor then turns on himself, makes himself very old in an instant and runs out.

Will the foursome reconcile in time to stop Victor? If so, will they get to the den in time for the Atlas experiment? And, if so, will any of them actually remember any of this anyway?

Parallels has had its ups and downs but there have definitely been more ups. It’s a great series and this has been a great season. Short enough that you can binge it quite easily and it zips along at a lovely pace.

All the children and adults perform their parts really well, I did get a little fed-up with older Victor’s petulant antics but I guess it’s part of the story and Houplain does play it very well. For me it is Mebrouk and Ayadi who stand out throughout, they perform brilliantly and bounce of each wonderfully.

Parallels is available on Disney+ from March 23rd 2022 and is well worth a watch, just ensure you keep it in French with subtitles, rather than dubbed!

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