Physical — Episode 3, Let’s Get Down To Business Review

The Lights Are On

By Mark

Sheila, Rose Byrne (“ I Am Mother”, “ Peter Rabbit”), decides that, despite only attending Bunny’s, Della Saba (“ Ralph Breaks The Internet “, “Zootropolis”), classes for two weeks, that she wants to teach.

She has been all-in to her aerobics class, practicing in her garage, and attending every class she can, you may say obsessed.

She convinces Bunny to give her a try but fails initially at getting the requisite numbers to even start the class. Even whilst out canvassing for signatures for her husband Danny’s, Rory Scovel (“Robbie (TV)”, “Harley Quinn (TV)”), political campaign, she asks people to join her class.

Eventually she visits her former ballet teacher, who is busy making an alcoholic cocktail in a blender, and subsequently drinking from said blender.

Her teacher tells it likes it is; Sheila never made eye contact, never spoke to her, never came over to her place, never attended one of her parties. She picks up a yellow Filofax (ask your mum) and waves it at Sheila, “these are my friends, the ones who attended my classes”.

Sheila thanks her, then leaves with her Filofax and begins calling her former classmates, telling them all about aerobics, how good it makes you feel, how you’ll be the new you.

Sheila first class is a success, mostly, but despite her inner monologue she invites Greta, Dierdre Friel (“New Amsterdam (TV)”, “Little Boxes”), who leaves the class on the floor and Sheila finds her crying in her car later.

“I’ll come to your house, I’ll teach you”, she tells Greta, who is upset at having to wear a leotard and be in front of all those other people.

With Danny’s political ambitious taking off, he decides he wants to hire a campaign manager, taking it out of the savings, which Sheila has now all-but run through attending classes.

As she heads to Bunny’s studio once more, she comes across Tyler, Lou Taylor Pucci (“American Horror Story (TV)”, “A-X-L”), watching the video he’s shot for Danny and the lightbulb above Sheila’s head goes off.

As per the previous episodes, this is very good, it feels the most ‘moving the story on’ of all the episodes and there isn’t as much of the cutting monologue that we’ve had before, but it is still good.

Originally published at on June 7, 2021.



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