Physical — Episode 4, Let’s Get This Party Started Review

Everyone To The Dancefloor

By Mark

Sheila, Rose Byrne (“ I Am Mother”, “ Peter Rabbit “), heads to Greta’s, Dierdre Friel (“New Amsterdam (TV)”, “Little Boxes”), to give her the one-to-one aerobics lesson she promised.

However, Greta is having one of those “can’t be bothered to get dressed days”, which immediately bums Sheila out.

Greta then drops the bomb that she thinks perhaps her rich husband, Ian Gomez (“Richard Jewell”, “Cougar Town (TV)”), is having an affair. Sheila is her usual non-listening self, more upset that she isn’t going to be giving a class.

Later, Sheila discovers that her husband Danny, Rory Scovel (“Robbie (TV)”, “Harley Quinn (TV)”), has gone ahead and brought in his old hippy-friend Jerry, Geoffrey Arend (“Madam Secretary (TV)”, “Body Of Proof (TV)”), as his campaign manager.

The pair are against attending a cocktail party that Greta’s husband has invited them to, despite it being full of people with fat wallets who could pay for Danny’s campaign. Sheila convinces him it’s a good idea but makes the mistake of heading their first.

Danny and Jerry meanwhile are drinking beers down by the beach when they bump into Simone, Ashley Liao (“Fuller House (TV)”, “Scissor Seven (TV)”), the hot, one-time young student of Danny’s who’s been pushing him in his campaign.

Simone and her friends are headed to the beach and drag Danny and Jerry along. So, whilst they are at the beach getting high as kites, Sheila is mingling with the rich people of the area and convincing them to open their wallets.

Needless to say, when she gets back to the house to see the state of both her husband and the house, she’s pretty pissed.

Danny seems to get it, seems to suggest he’ll turn a corner but come the morning it’s all back to normal and Sheila storms out and heads straight to the dance studio, via the burger/motel ritual.

She slaps the video camera in front of Tyler, Lou Taylor Pucci (“American Horror Story (TV)”, “A-X-L”), who thinks it’s for the campaign video, Sheila tells him it’s to get rich!

Physical is the latest TV foray from Apple TV+, or whichever way round that is, and is from producer Annie Weisman who brought us “Desperate Housewives” and the “About A Boy” series.

Directorial duties go to Craig Gillespie (“ I, Tonya “, “Lars And The Real Girl”), Liza Johnson (who also produces) and Stephanie Laing (“I’m Sorry (TV)”, “Made For Love (TV)”).

Originally published at on June 7, 2021.



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