Physical — Episode 8, Let’s Not And Say We Did Review

Show Me The Money

By Mark

In the latest episode Sheila, Rose Byrne (“ I Am Mother”, “ Peter Rabbit “), and Danny, Rory Scovel (“Robbie (TV)”, “Harley Quinn (TV)”), are still in LA with their friends, which is not going well.

Sheila, if you remember, took a detour and decided to visit her parents. They know she wants money, she knows that they know she wants money.

It becomes clear that they’ve never met Maya, Sheila’s daughter, and she basically bribes them into giving her $5,000 in exchange for finally meeting her daughter.

Meanwhile Greta, Dierdre Friel (“New Amsterdam (TV)”, “Little Boxes”), picks up the clippers and goes short. She confronts her husband, Ian Gomez (“The Morning Show (TV)”, “Supergirl (TV)”), and he admits it, how could he not, but instantly the dynamic has changed in their relationship, much to Greta’s delight.

Bunny, Della Saba (“ Ralph Breaks The Internet “, “Zootropolis”), is worried sick about Tyler, Lou Taylor Pucci (“American Horror Story (TV)”, “A-X-L”), who never returned home.

She calls some of his friends but just gets called a psycho, and then meets a man in the park who decides to pleasure himself whilst she’s talking to him!

Jerry, Geoffrey Arend (“Madam Secretary (TV)”, “Body Of Proof (TV)”), meanwhile, left alone in Sheila and Danny’s house, has gone mad with a woman and, whilst cleaning up, he comes across something juicy, very juicy.

When Sheila and Danny return Jerry confronts them both and raises both journals in the air. You see, Sheila had made a new financial journal, a lie, but for reasons unknown she kept the original one too, the one with all her little foodie discrepancies.

I’m not sure why we are focussing so much on Bunny and Tyler, they’ve been relatively quiet up to now so to have the camera pointed at their home life is a little odd. It’s, you’d assume, a setup for something but what, we’ll have to wait and see.

Physical is the latest TV foray from Apple TV+, or whichever way round that is, and is from producer Annie Weisman who brought us “Desperate Housewives” and the “About A Boy” series.

Directorial duties go to Stephanie Laing (“I’m Sorry (TV)”, “Made For Love (TV)”) with Justin Bonilla (“Certain Things (TV)”, “Con Quien Andas (Short)”), on writing duties.

Originally published at on June 7, 2021.



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