Prey Review

Aliens In The 17th Century

By Mark

Back in 1987 writers Jim and John Thomas put pen to paper to write Predator, which was a huge success and has, since, spawned many sequels and spin-offs, who could forget Predator Vs. Alien for example? I mean I try, often, but still it lingers, like a fart under a duvet.

Then, in 2018, one of the stars of the aforementioned original Predator movie, now turned director, Shane Black, did what’s probably best described as a movie, with a Predator in it. Sequel? Reboot? Who knows, no-one really cared as it turned out.

Well, here we are in 2022 and Patrick Aison (“Treadstone (TV)”, “Wayward Pines (TV)”), and Dan Trachtenberg (“ 10 Cloverfield Lane “, “BlackBoxTV (TV)”), have picked up the Predator dreadlocks and created a prequel, taking it back to the 1700's.

It’s here that we meet Naru, Amber Midthunder (“Roswell, New Mexico (TV)”, “Legion (TV)”), a woman who wants to hunt, to show she can, to prove her brother Taabe, Dakota Beavers, and the rest of the village wrong.

None of the other, male, hunters are interested in her attempts at hunting, but she persists, alongside her trusty dog. Whilst out on the hunt of a large cat, Naru notices some different tracks, larger, not cat-like, not bear-like as the others think either, Predator tracks.

Of course, she doesn’t know that yet, she discovers it when she finally gets to see the thing attack. Although she doesn’t know what it is, she knows it’s hunting and she must come up with a plan to stop it, before it reaches her village.

With her trusty dog by her side, occasionally, he does have a habit of running off, can she figure out the Predator’s MO? Can she come up with a plan to finish him, or send him, dreadlocks between his legs, back to whence he came?

Prey is a wonderful movie, the wilds of Alberta, Canada, double for the The Northern Great Plains and Trachtenberg, on directing duties, shows them off in all their stunning glory.

At its heart Prey is also a simple movie, one of hunter and prey, but the question is, who is hunting who? Add to that one of your main characters is caked in makeup, Dane DiLiegro (“Side Hustle (TV)”, “The Quest (TV)”), playing the Predator, you need a protagonist who can make things happen.

Midthunder does just that, she grips you throughout, you’re unable to take your eyes off her as she winds her way through the forest, thinking, caring, fighting. Prey is an action movie, don’t expect a non-stop mindless violence movie, but there’s more than enough to keep you going, coupled with plenty of heart, great sets and good acting, Prey is the sort of prequel the franchise deserves. Now, who’s up for the Predator vs Cowboys?

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