Project Wolf Hunting (2022)

It’s A Korean Bloodbath

Project Wolf Hunting aka Neugdaesanyang, is a Korean movie from the mind of Hongsun Kim (“Metamorphosis”, “The Chase”). In it we see a bunch of Korean criminals, caught in the Philippines, put on a ship to be taken back to Korea.

Also onboard the ship, unknown to almost everyone onboard, is Alpha, Gwi-hwa Choi (“ Train To Busan”, “ The Outlaws “), a former inmate who has been experimented on and is now a lethal, and virtually indestructible, killing machine.

The prisoners have, from the start, decided they are going to use this transport as their way out and have planted some people onboard who help them all escape. That’s all going well, they smash up all the communications, kill a load of police and some crew, but then Alpha gets out and he doesn’t care who he kills, good or bad.

Back on dry land and a shadowy bunch of men in black arrive to take over the operations of the ship. They’re in on the whole Alpha gig with the leader taking orders not from the police, but from another former inmate who wants Alpha for himself.

So we are left with the head of the police operation, a female officer, a doctor (who was paid to sedate Alpha) and a couple of inmates all going up against this killing machine in the confines of the ship.

Meanwhile, the also experimented on guy is headed to the ship, with a bunch of marine-types, to try and get Alpha for his boss. Then it transpires there’s a twist, naturally, that perhaps this Alpha isn’t the only one of his kind around…

What we ultimately get is blood. Lots and lots and lots of blood, 2.5 tonnes according to the director. People are shot, stabbed, bludgeoned, beaten and more, all to the sound of squelching blood and crunching bone.

If you like mad, blood spurting action then Project Wolf Hunting will be exactly what you’re looking for. If you want great storyline, inspiring dialogue, beautiful scenery, I’d perhaps look elsewhere.

Project Wolf Hunting is fun, sure, why not, sometimes it’s good to switch off and watch nonsense for a while, though at just over two hours, Project Wolf hunting takes it a little too far.

The storyline, such that it is, is a tad predictable and not anything we haven’t seen before in some form or another, this just groups them all together into one feature length, blood spatter mess.

Don’t go into Project Wolf Hunting expecting anything more than gratuitous violence, gallons and gallons of blood and some not bad (bit too shaky cam for my liking) action scenes and you’ll be just fine.

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