Severance — Episode 6, Hide And Seek Review

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3 min readMar 18, 2022


F’You Lumon!

By Mark

Peggy / Ms Cobel, Patricia Arquette (“Boardwalk Empire (TV)”, “Boyhood”), is wearing the chip from Petey Kelmer’s, Yul Vazquez (“The Outsider (TV)”, “ I Am the Night (TV) “), head around her neck on a chain.

She receives a phone call that informs her they’ve found the signature of the person that cracked the chip and it’s one of their own. Peggy / Ms Cobel prays at an altar in her house, an altar to Lumon.

We see Mark Scout, Adam Scott (“Big Little Lies (TV)”, “Between Two Ferns: The Movie”), grabs Petey’s mobile and throws it in his bin before speeding off to work to continue reading his brother-in-laws book.

Burt, Christopher Walken (“ The Jungle Book”, “Seven Psychopaths”), takes Irving, John Turturro (“ Transformers: The Last Knight “, “Barton Fink”), to a room he’s found, filled with plants, the two are getting closer, this shouldn’t be happening at Lumon.

Peggy / Ms Cobel summons Mark to her office, he asks where Ms. Casey, Dichen Lachman (“Altered Carbon (TV)”, “Animal Kingdom (TV)”), is and is told she’s in the break room. He is then shown a video of the walk he and Helly R, Britt Lower (“High Maintenance (TV)”, “Future Man (TV)”), took around the offices.

Mark loses it and asks what on earth they’re doing here, what do they actually do? Peggy / Ms Cobel screams at him that they serve Kier! She removes the Macro Data Refinement’s hall pass, they’re way below quota. Mark doesn’t care, when he gets back to his team he tells them what’s been said and then leads them to O&D. Peggy / Ms Cobel sees them on the CCTV and calls Mr. Milchick, Tramell Tillman (“Godfather of Harlem (TV)”, “Elementary (TV)”), to sort it out.

O&D are currently making watering cans in what look like 3D printers. But they don’t know why or what for, last week it was hatchets! Mark suggests they all work together to try and find out what they are actually doing and why they won’t tell them what they do, Burt agrees but Milcheck’s arrival scuppers everything.

Just before Milcheck’s arrival Dylan, Zach Cherry (“Duncanville (TV)”, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”), steals a card from O&D, it has, what looks like, two people fighting, almost as if it’s teaching someone how to fight.

Mark ends up in the break room and the next time we see him is on the outside with bruised knuckles. He tells his date Alexa, Nikki M. James (“The Good Fight (TV)”, “Faraway Eyes”), that they told him he damaged them changing a water bottle.

At a house, sitting watching cartoons, is a young boy counting, he’s up to 700+. Inside the closet is Dylan who is put into ‘work mode’ by Milcheck who saw him take the card, says he wasn’t meant to see it, wants to know where it is. Dylan is overawed by where he is, even more so when his son runs in calling him daddy.

In a final twist, Mark runs outside in the dead of night and grabs Petey’s mobile, switching it back on it immediately rings and he answers. The woman on the other end knows who he is and asks to meet, he goes along.

Three episodes left of this season, there’s already talk of a second season I believe, and it feels like things are starting to unravel and perhaps, just perhaps, there’s a small chance we may get some answers. Of course, it’s equally possible that everything is left out in the open for further seasons…

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