Severance — Episode 7, Defiant Jazz Review

I’ll Be Seeing You

Mark Scout, Adam Scott (“Big Little Lies (TV)”, “Between Two Ferns: The Movie”), is with the woman, Karen Aldridge (“Fargo (TV)”, “The Get Down (TV)”), who put the chip in his head at Lumon, the same woman who deactivated Petey Kelmer’s, Yul Vazquez (“The Outsider (TV)”, “ I Am the Night (TV) “), chip.

She talks to him about deactivating it, but he’s not sure he wants to, still, she says otherwise, then Mr. Grainer, Michael Cumpsty (“Tommy (TV)”, “Madam Secretary (TV)”), turns up. Naturally Mark doesn’t recognise him, the woman smashes him over the head with a baseball bat.

She gives Mark Grainer’s security card and tells him to give it to himself when he goes to work, he’ll know what to do with it. Got that? Good. She also tells him not to throw up, it will leave DNA, he does anyway, she tells him to go home and get rid of his clothes.

When he gets home he tries to lie to his date Alexa, Nikki M. James (“The Good Fight (TV)”, “Faraway Eyes”), that he hasn’t been anywhere, but she’s been up for an hour and he’s been nowhere.

Back at Lumon and Mr. Milchick, Tramell Tillman (“Godfather of Harlem (TV)”, “Elementary (TV)”), is in early, testing the new features of the Macrodata Refinement offices and getting the card that Dylan, Zach Cherry (“Duncanville (TV)”, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”), told him about. He’s meeting everyone as they come in.

First up is Dylan, who you can tell is not happy. He wants to know his sons name, Milcheck won’t tell him, but does tell he hasn’t told Peggy / Ms Cobel, Patricia Arquette (“Boardwalk Empire (TV)”, “Boyhood”), about what he had to do.

Helly R, Britt Lower (“High Maintenance (TV)”, “Future Man (TV)”), has reached 75% in her refinement which gives them a five minute musical experience. But when Irving, John Turturro (“ Transformers: The Last Knight “, “Barton Fink”), looks at her computer, she’s not quite there. Milcheck says it’s been a tough morning.

There’s a crazy dance scene to some jazz music but Dylan remains at his desk, getting more and more annoyed until he finally snaps, but there’s nothing Milcheck can do, as Dylan would reveal what he did to him outside of work.

When Milcheck leaves Dylan tells the rest of them what happened and Mark reveals Grainer’s security card which he has in his pocket. They decide on a plan, a risk, a big risk, made more difficult when Irving does a runner to O&D to see Burt, Christopher Walken (“ The Jungle Book “, “Seven Psychopaths”).

We are, of course, getting closer to the end and you can feel the excitement and tension rising. No-one seems happy anymore, everyone is in everyone else’s business but whether they know this or not is a different matter entirely.

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