Severance — Episode 8, What’s For Dinner? Review

Crunch Time

By Mark

For the first time, or second if you count the previous fleeting glimpse we had, we see someone else from Lumon who has been severed outside of work, this time it’s Irving, John Turturro (“ Transformers: The Last Knight “, “Barton Fink”).

He appears to live alone, with his dog and paints, a lot, the same thing, over and over again. What’s he painting? Well, using thick black paint (possibly what haunts him at work?) he paints a long corridor with an elevator at the end with a red light above it. He paints whilst listening to Motorhead’s the Ace of Spades.

At Lumon and the team have all made their quota, everyone except Helly R, Britt Lower (“High Maintenance (TV)”, “Future Man (TV)”), who is working like crazy to make it. Peggy / Ms Cobel, Patricia Arquette (“Boardwalk Empire (TV)”, “Boyhood”), and Mr. Milchick, Tramell Tillman (“Godfather of Harlem (TV)”, “Elementary (TV)”), are watching too.

She makes it and earns the team a waffle party and Mark selects Dylan, Zach Cherry (“Duncanville (TV)”, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”), to take part, saying he deserves it, but really because it’s so they can enact their plan.

Mark also gets a final wellness session with Ms. Casey, Dichen Lachman (“Altered Carbon (TV)”, “Animal Kingdom (TV)”), who we previously found out was/is also his wife…He finds out she has been fired and he wants to try and help her. Again, Peggy / Ms Cobel and Milchick are watching on, Milchick comments that it’s a good thing they don’t know each other, means the chips are working.

Milchick takes Ms Casey to be ‘retired’, it’s a long, dark corridor leading to an elevator that has a red light above it…Peggy / Ms Cobel returns to her office but is intercepted by ‘the board’, as represented by Natalie, Sydney Cole Alexander (“The Lair (Short)”, “Party Time (Short)”). They know about Helly R’s suicide attempt and that she has been spending time with Mark’s sister, they fire her, effective immediately.

Dylan is taken to his waffle party in Perpetuity. The ‘party’ involves him eating three waffles then laying on a bed with a Kier mask on as scantily clad male and female dancers, also wearing masks, perform for him. Before they finish, he legs it to security, all the while clutching the present Milchick has given him.

As Dylan begins setting everything up to ‘awake’ his three colleagues we see the situation they are in: Mark is at his sisters, Devon, Jen Tullock (“Perry Mason (TV)”, “The Coop (TV)”), where there’s a party happening and he’s just told Peggy / Ms Cobel something and she’s hugging him…Helly appears to be stood up, giving a speech and Irving is painting.

How to end on a cliff-hanger! This definitely felt like the most pacey of the episodes we’ve seen of Severance, so much happening, everything hurtling along to reach…a cliff hanger of epic proportions. I can’t wait for the final one of this season.

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