Severance — Episode 9, The We We Are Review

An End To A Beginning

By Mark

Well folks, here it is, the final episode of season one of Severance. Have you liked it? I’ve enjoyed it, a lot, great directing, intriguing story line, all good, however, as things went on I had a feeling we’d leave on a cliff-hanger, given season two, whilst not yet confirmed (has now been confirmed), appears to be going ahead.

The gang all come to in their outie lives. Mark Scout, Adam Scott (“Big Little Lies (TV)”, “Between Two Ferns: The Movie”), makes his excuses to Peggy / Ms Cobel, Patricia Arquette (“Boardwalk Empire (TV)”, “Boyhood”), but it feels like she knows.

Helly R, Britt Lower (“High Maintenance (TV)”, “Future Man (TV)”), comes to and she’s…at Lumon! She is with Natalie, Sydney Cole Alexander (“The Lair (Short)”, “Party Time (Short)”), who talks on behalf of ‘the board’ and the woman Mark’s sister Devon, Jen Tullock (“Perry Mason (TV)”, “The Coop (TV)”), met at the birthing place.

Irving, John Turturro (“ Transformers: The Last Knight “, “Barton Fink”), is at home, painting his usual black painting with his dog, Radar. There’s medals on the wall and he finds a black case that’s locked. Inside are Navy uniforms and an old photo with ‘dad’ written on the back.

Back with Helly, the woman introduces her husband, the senator who’s all for Severance and he asks her to ‘thank her father’. Helly, Helena as an outie, has her picture everywhere, along with her colleagues and she comes across a video recording of herself saying how great Severance is and she discovers she’s part of the family! She’s meant to be giving a speech saying how good Severance is.

Mark is passed Rickon’s, Michael Chernus (“ Werewolves Within “, “Materna”), book and recognises it. Luckily Rickon thanks his wife Devon before he starts reading from his book, as for a moment Mark thought she was his wife.

Back to Irving and underneath the Navy items there’s a ton more. It looks like he, or perhaps his father, was looking into Lumon and Severance. He has a list of Severed employees, including Burt, Christopher Walken (“ The Jungle Book “, “Seven Psychopaths”), even their addresses.

Mark is desperately trying to talk to his sister, to tell her what’s happening down there, that they need to alert the authorities. He gets accosted by Peggy / Ms Cobel, who he should only know as Peggy on the outside, but as he’s walking away he calls her Ms Cobel and she knows something is going on.

Peggy races back to Lumon trying to get hold of Milchick, Tramell Tillman (“Godfather of Harlem (TV)”, “Elementary (TV)”). Mark manages to tell his sister everything.

Before Helly takes to the stage she meets her father, the legendary Kier Egan, Marc Geller (“Katy Keene (TV)”, “Léa (Short)”), and Peggy (who without a pass and having been fired manages to get in) warns her just before she begins her speech that she will make the rest of the team suffer.

Mark informs Devon that Peggy is actually his boss from Lumon, which is bad, as Devon had given her the baby. They run around the house and eventually find her alone in a room, which is when Mark comes across a photo of his wedding day.

All three of our intrepid heroes are in the middle of something important when Milchick finally manages to get into the security room with Dylan.

On the one hand, this is a great end and, on the other, it’s frustrating as hell! Of course, as soon as we knew there were going to be further seasons we also knew not everything was going to be resolved. I guess now we wait.

Dan Erickson, the creator of Severance, can give himself a huge pat on the back for what he’s created here. A mad, psychedelic at times, bizarre but wonderful world of intrigue and mystery and Stiller proves to be an excellent director, enhancing this weird and wonderful world with aplomb.

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