She Is Love (2022) Review

The Great Chemistry Can’t Fully Blossom Due To Strange Visual Choices

Making a film without a script can seem impossible and unthinkable. However, based on films such as “Apocalypse Now” and “Casablanca”, it can truly be a recipe for success. If you have a writer who can perfectly finish what he started, your film can still become a hit! Even more so when you can show your talent in another way. Think about great chemistry between the lead characters, impressive stunts or eye-catching cinematography.

Sadly, that’s not 100% the case for “She Is Love” by writer/director Jamie Adams (“Black Mountain Poets”, “Wild Honey Pie!”). While this sweet and hearth breaking drama certainly has the right actors and equally great chemistry, some strange visual choices make this film feel like its script: Unfinished and unsteady.

The same can be said about the relationship between Patricia (Haley Bennett) and Idris (Sam Riley). After spending a decade apart, the former couple is reunited again when Patricia checks into the hotel Idris runs with his current wife Louise (Marisa Abela). It seems that some things never change, no matter how much time has passed. While Idris is in love with Louise, he still has feelings for Patricia. Otherwise, why would he want to take more care of his appearance right after her arrival?

Despite Louise knowing about their past relationship, she doesn’t make a fuzz about it as she wants to keep the peace. She’s also occupied with her acting career and organising Idris’ birthday, so there’s no time to think about what’s happening around her. However, the longer Patricia stays in the hotel, the more complicated it becomes, especially when Patricia and Idris fall into old habits. Will Louise and Idris their relationship hold steady and survive this unexpected turbulence?

Whether or not a dramatic love story like this has a script, intense chemistry between a great cast is what you need. That’s certainly the case in this movie. Bennett (“ Hardcore Henry”, “ Till”) is mesmerising as the crazy, confused and broken Patricia. The desperation for love and holding onto a great past comes through beautifully. Riley (“ Free Fire”, “ Pride And Prejudice And Zombies “) is wonderfully cast as the wanna-be musician who’s torn between his old love, which might still be very much alive, and his current girlfriend, who certainly provides a more steady relationship. Abela (“known for Industry”, “COBRA”) gives this movie a lot of comedy and funny scenes. However, her character might be slightly underused and could benefit from more depth.

Despite the beautiful chemistry between the cast members, their performances can’t fully captivate you, due to poor visual choices. For one, too many close-ups in this movie don’t last enough. A close-up would be the perfect way to bring emotion into a film, but you have to give the audience the time to connect with the characters to ensure the feelings are there. Sadly, the close-ups in “She Is Love” are too short and don’t give you a chance to connect. That shortness can also be explained by the abrupt cuts that are being used in this movie. Adams draws you in into a scene and then abruptly goes to another one, leaving you with an empty feeling. Not the good kind of empty.

This latest Adams movie is certainly a wonderful film, mainly because of the tremendous effort by the solid cast to deliver every emotion their characters need. Bennett, Riley, and Abela certainly keep this movie alive brilliantly, which is why you should check out this film. They could have given us an intriguing love story about past relationships, personal struggles and the search for your own identity if it wasn’t for the creative and visual flaws.

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