Shining Vale — Chapter 2, She Comes At Night Review

The Power Of Words

Pat Phelps, Courtney Cox (“Scream”, “Shameless (TV)”), is woken up during the night to the sound of the dog barking. She heads downstairs to see what the matter is, her husband Terry Phelps, Greg Kinnear (“ Brigsby Bear”, “ The Stand (TV) “), is completely out of it.

She starts to hear music and then notices a yellow piece of ribbon being pulled under the door to the coat cupboard. She goes inside and the door slams shut behind her and the apparition appears again and stubs out her cigarette on Pat’s arm.

This jolts Pat awake and she falls out of bed, she doesn’t notice, yet, but there’s a burn mark on her arm.

The next door neighbour Valerie He, Susan Park (“ Snowpiercer (TV) “, “Briarpatch (TV)”), is one of the women Pat’s been seeing and she calls round as her son and Gaynor Phelps, Gus Birney (“Dickinson (TV)”, “Plan B”), have become friends, unlikely friends, but friends.

When Pat tells Terry about her dream and shows her the burn he is, as always, sceptical. He looks inside the cupboard but there’s nothing there except for some marks on the doorframe where a girl named Daisy has been marking her height.

Meanwhile, at marriage guidance, Pat has her antidepressant dosage upped whilst Terry decides to face Frank, Jonathan Higginbotham (“The Blacklist (TV)”, “Agent Toby Barks”), the man who slept with his wife. This doesn’t seem to help much, other than he steals the mans coffee machine.

Pat shows her writing, a short paragraph which she no longer remembers writing, to her editor who tells her to keep going, embrace the crazy.

Son Jake Phelps, Dylan Gage (“PEN15 (TV)”, “Hillbilly Elegy”), meanwhile has been playing games online and invites the person over, which Pat and Terry are unhappy about because they think it’s probably a paedophile.

It isn’t, it’s a boy, who turns up with his dad Laird, Parvesh Cheena (“Craig of the Creek (TV)”, “T.O.T.S. (TV)”), whose wife has left him for his best friend and he’s a bit odd.

Pat meanwhile recognises the coffee machine Terry has stolen as Frank’s…and all the truth that goes with that comes out. She also keeps seeing the same ghostly apparition who tells her to ‘use her words’ which she does and finds a message, not a nice one.

At just under 30 minutes long the episodes of Shining Vale fly by, it’s quite refreshing from the usual hour we have to sit through. That said, there’s still a lot to get through and so a lot does get crammed in and you are flipping between the family members wondering how it’s all going to come together. I guess we’ll see soon enough.

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