Shining Vale — Chapter 3, The Yellow Paper Review

A Tiki-Bar

By Mark

Pat Phelps, Courtney Cox (“Scream”, “Shameless (TV)”), is currently shoving a large piece of old furniture in front of the closet in an attempt to trap the ghost within.

Neither husband Terry Phelps, Greg Kinnear (“ Brigsby Bear”, “ The Stand (TV) “), nor daughter Gaynor Phelps, Gus Birney (“Dickinson (TV)”, “Plan B”), think this is a particularly sound idea and all are surprised when son Jake Phelps, Dylan Gage (“PEN15 (TV)”, “Hillbilly Elegy”), emerges claiming he wanted somewhere private.

They visit the marriage guidance counsellor, James Connor (“Miracle Workers (TV)”, “Vice Principals (TV)”), again and he gives her yet more drugs, but also tells her that she should use this ghost she’s still seeing as her muse, learn from her.

Because of the drugs the doctor has given Pat, she’s losing track of time and not even realising that the time has passed. When Jeff calls and says he’s left his presentation on the desktop machine and could she send it to him, he calls back an hour later asking where it is, but Pat thinks it’s just been minutes.

When eventually Jeff gets the presentation and plays it out to the clergy in front of him at work, pitching for their money, he finds it’s been tampered with in a way that would make your mum blush.

The upside is that Pat has written 14 pages of her novel, or someone has at least, and whilst she’s trying to summon her muse again someone types, “go to the basement” over and over on her laptop…but they don’t have a basement.

Pat finds it however, using an axe to smash her way through the cupboard to find a hidden basement containing a tiki-bar, jukebox and all. It’s here where she meets Rosemary, Mira Sorvino (“American Crime Story (TV)”, “Stuber”), her ‘muse’.

This is a fun episode of Shining Vale, played more for moving the story on then scares or laughs necessarily, but it’s fun none the same.

We still have Gaynor attempting to be the good little girl whilst trying to bed the neighbours son, whilst the neighbours mom tells her that she believes dark forces have brought her family to the house, which, naturally, Gaynor completely ignores.

Jake meanwhile, still with his head in a computer, literally as he walks around the woods with his VR headset on, stumbles across what his game tells him is a poisonous mushroom, but it’s not, it’s not that at all.

Written by Jill E. Blotevogel (“Scream: The TV Series (TV)”, “Berlin Station (TV)”), directed by Catriona McKenzie (“Mythic Quest (TV)”, “Supernatural (TV)”)

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