Shining Vale — Chapter 5, The Squirrel Knew Review

Now There’s Something To Resolve

By Mark

At the end of the last episode Pat Phelps, Courtney Cox (“Scream”, “Shameless (TV)”), learnt that Rosemary, Mira Sorvino (“American Crime Story (TV)”, “Stuber”), is/was real.

She runs around the house trying to get help but Terry Phelps, Greg Kinnear (“ Brigsby Bear”, “ The Stand (TV) “), is throwing up, Gaynor Phelps, Gus Birney (“Dickinson (TV)”, “Plan B”), is praying to god and Jake Phelps, Dylan Gage (“PEN15 (TV)”, “Hillbilly Elegy”), is doing something that will make him go blind.

Gaynor and Jake are packed away to Pat’s mums, Joan, Judith Light (“American Crime Story (TV)”, “Transparent (TV)”), for the weekend. Pat goes to see Zeth, Adam Zastrow (“The Kominsky Method (TV)”, “High & Mighty (TV)”), to see if he can help get rid of Rosemary, he says she needs to find out what she wants.

Terry brings Laird, Parvesh Cheena (“Craig of the Creek (TV)”, “T.O.T.S. (TV)”), down to see the tiki-bar and tells him about the porn in the treehouse. Laird pulls out a massive bag of weed and they head to the treehouse to smoke it. Whilst there, Kathryn, Alysia Reiner (“Orange Is the New Black (TV)”, “Butterbeans Cafe (TV)”), Terry’s former co-worker, messages him and Laird replies on his behalf, setting up a meeting.

Pat manages to speak to Rosemary who says that she was repressed by her husband but comes alive in Pat’s book. She wants to write a chapter herself but Pat says she’ll get her laid providing she vanishes afterwards, Rosemary agrees and also tells Pat that Terry knew someone had died in the house.

When she confronts him about this they argue and he storms out to go and meet Kathryn. Meanwhile, over at Grandma’s house, she tells Gaynor about her suicide attempt and tells her who it was that signed the paperwork to put her in the mental institute, meanwhile Jake shoots someone.

Back at home and Terry and Pat make love, but the next morning Terry has two massive scratch marks on his back, exactly like a scene Pat was writing in her book, a scene with Rosemary.

Pat goes back to Zeth to tell him she thinks Rosemary was the one making love to Terry, through Pat. Zeth says that’s unlikely, unless Pat made a deal with Rosemary? In which case, that would be bad.

Pat isn’t convinced though, she believes she’s got rid of Rosemary once and for all and is feeling good about carrying on with her life.

Another fun episode of Shining Vale although it feels like poor Jake is the one attempting the laughs and not really hitting them, not through any fault of his, it’s just like his character is something from friends stuck in the middle of a horror series, it’s a bit odd at times.

Anyway, otherwise it’s all very sinister and starting to build towards the final climax, probably of just this season, but hopefully we’ll get some kind of closure.

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